13 Gadgets to Prepare You for a Natural Disaster

Matt Petronzio
13 Gadgets to Prepare You for a Natural Disaster
1. Wind-Up Radio

1. Wind-Up Radio

Radios may seem like primitive technology in the digital age, but they're still very effective in relaying information during an emergency. The one pictured uses solar power, features a hand-crank for backup power and even includes a flashlight.

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Earlier this week, Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the United States as well as Caribbean countries, leaving tremendous disaster in its wake. People have gone without power for days, and the elderly and disabled -- especially those in high-rise buildings -- are unable to get the food and water they need.

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Many of these people prepared for the storm, but due to Sandy's magnitude, weren't able to imagine its tragic aftermath.

We compiled a short list of tech essentials that could help you prepare for storms and natural disasters beyond Sandy, especially when a generator is either too expensive or isn't plausible for your living situation. Of course, these items should be considered in addition to fundamental precautions and supplies, which include enough water and food to last at least three to seven days, a first aid kit, extra batteries and gasoline.

What kind of tech have you found useful in your disaster or emergency preparedness kit? Let us know in the comments.


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