13 Celebrities Who Married Relatives, From Charles Darwin to Kevin Bacon

13 Celebrities Who Married Relatives, From Charles Darwin to Kevin Bacon

Apparently, “most white people are related,” according to Kevin Bacon’s wife Kyra Sedgwick. The Hollywood couple recently learned that they’re distant cousins on PBS’s “Finding Your Roots.” This got us wondering if any other celebrity duos have shared heritage.

Albert Einstein

The revered genius married his first cousin Elsa Lowenthal.

Rudy Giuliani

The former New York mayor married his second cousin once removed, Regina Peruggi.

Jerry Lee Lewis

The rock and roll musician married his first cousin once removed Myra Gale Brown.

David Lean

The “Lawrence of Arabia” director married his first cousin Isabel Lean.

H.G. Wells

The “War of the Worlds” author married his first cousin Isabel Mary Wells.

Charles Darwin

The famous naturalist married his first cousin Emma Wedgewood.

Thomas Jefferson

The Founding Father was married to his third cousin Martha Wayles.

Edgar Allan Poe

Renowned poet and writer of mystery and macabre his cousin Virginia Clemm when she was just 13 years-old.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The former U.S. president was married to his fifth cousin once removed, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt.

John Kerry

The former U.S. Secretary of State is distant cousins with his now ex-wife Julia Thorne.

Greta Scacchi

The “Presumed Innocent” actress married her first cousin Carlo Mantegazza.

Jesse James

The infamous American outlaw of the Wild West most noted for robbing banks and trains with his brother Frank married his first cousin Zerelda Mimms after a nine-year courtship

Kevin Bacon

The actor and his wife Kyra Sedgwick are ninth cousins once removed, as they learned on PBS’s “Finding Your Roots.

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