12 Songs Your Parents Probably Played While Cleaning

In most Black households, Saturday mornings consist of two things: morning cartoons and house cleaning.

The nostalgic feeling of the combination is familiar to many Black kids; in turn, it has become part of our weekend routines. From R&B songs from Kool & The Gang to gospel music from Kirk Franklin, these songs can make any day of cleaning fast and fun.

Here is our list of songs your parents played while cleaning.

"Before I let go" - Frankie Beverly And Maze

The 1981 hit is probably embedded in the DNA of every Black person you know. Played at every Black gathering, “Before I let Go” is the ultimate cleanup song.

“Body and Soul” - Anita Baker

What is a cleaning playlist with a little Anita? Of course, it would be impossible to clean up without her soulful voice. In 1994, the track was released as the lead single for her fifth studio album, “Rhythm of Love.”

“Never Too Much” - Luther Vandross

The late Luther Vandross is a voice that has been heard in all Black households. So whether you’re washing dishes or windows, any occasion calls for this soulful 1981 song.

“Through the fire” - Chaka Khan

The younger generation might recognize the song as the sample for Kanye West’s “Through The Wire,” but our parents know the original song very well. It wouldn’t be a legit cleanup playlist without some Chaka Khan.

"Cupid Shuffle" - Cupid

The 2007 hit has spawned a popular line dance compared to the “Cha Cha Slide” and “The Electric Boogie.”

"Return of the Mack”- Mark Morrison

After being featured in TV shows, movies and commercials, this song need no introduction. This 1996 release will make you forget that you are even doing chores.

"Get Down On It" - Kool & The Gang

Another famous Black anthem is “Get down on it” by Kool & The Gang. It is hard not to know the lyrics to the 1981 hit, even if you were born a few decades later.

"Stomp" - Kirk Franklin

What is a day of cleaning in a Black household without a bit of gospel? The 27-year-old song is popular among all generations, young or young(er).

"Electric Boogie" - Marcia Griffiths

Like the “Cha Cha” dance and the “Cupid Shuffle,” the Electric slide is a popular four-wall line dance at Black gatherings. So you will likely see your parents taking a break from cleaning to do a quick electric slide or two.

“This Is How We Do it” – Montell Jordan

Naturally, a party song, “This is how we do it” by Montell Jordan, can get any ordinary day of chores up and popping.

"Outstanding" - Gap Band

No introduction is needed for this song. It is very likely that you have heard and recited the chorus of this song, even if you have no idea who performs it. The 40-year-old song has been sampled in “911/Mr. Lonely” by Tyler, The Creator, and “Happy” by Ashanti.

“She's A Bad Mama Jama” – Carl Carlton

Lastly, a cleanup playlist needs female-specific songs. “She’s a Bad Mama Jama,” by Carl Carlton, can be enjoyed by family members of all ages, especially during chore time. And with such a catchy chorus, the 1981 song is hard not to sing.

Music is truly the foundation of Black Culture. If you play the wrong type of songs, you’re guaranteed to have a bad time, especially while scrubbing floors. So, if you are playing DJ while doing house cleaning, add these songs to your playlist.