11 reasons why Nick Miller is the best character in New Girl

There’s no denying that New Girl has some of the best comedy characters on television at the moment. There’s kooky Jess, wacky Winston, sassy Cece and Schmidt, who is pretty much indescribable.

Of all the characters on New Girl, one stands out as being the most loveable - Nick Miller.

Here’s why you might argue that Nick is the best character in New Girl:

1. He says what we’re all thinking

He is truly the voice of a disgruntled generation!

2. Even when he complains it’s incredibly endearing

Most characters are annoying when they complain, Nick just manages to make us love him more.

3. He’s passionate

Whether it’s in his ideas, caring for his friends (particularly Jess) or listening to music, Nick’s all in.

4. He believes in his ideas

He did eventually finish that Zombie novel…

5. The Turtle Face

Did they write the turtle face into the script or did it just come naturally to Jake Johnson?

6. His relationship with Jess

We’re still rooting for them, after all this time.

7. His friends truly love him because he’s such a good guy

You are the company you keep, and those legends think the world of him.

8. His friendship with Tran

They’re possibly the strangest pair of friends across all of television and we can’t look away.

9. He leaves awkward conversations in the best way possible

Hands up… Who wants to try this?

10. His acceptance of himself

He’s unashamed of his actions and natural laziness, accepting his flaws and not changing for anybody (except Jess, maybe).

11. He would do anything for his friends

Even dancing to Taylor Swift without a care in the world…

Nick Miller, we salute you!

Photo Credit: FOX