11 Pets With Real-Life Careers

Camille Bautista
11 Pets With Real-Life Careers
1. Monkey Waiters

1. Monkey Waiters

Kayabukiya Tavern, a restaurant in Japan, employs macaques, certified by authorities to work as waiters. Aside from wearing little outfits, they serve drinks and give customers hot towels. How much do you tip these guys? A handful of soya beans. Photo courtesy of Flickr, Anton Novoselov

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Some jobs are so easy, a monkey could do it. Don't underestimate your animal's abilities, though, because he may actually be able to hold down a regular 9-to-5.

Animals have long been trained to carry out tasks, acting as beasts of burden or herders. But you might be seeing them more around the workplace these days -- then who knows who'll be getting that next promotion?

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At the risk of being spit on, you can get a llama to carry your golf clubs, or ask that a monkey serves your lunch. From Navy dolphins to a cheetah ambassador, check out our gallery of pets with careers (that are probably cooler than yours).

Photo courtesy of Flickr, purprin

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