11-Year-Old Allegedly Takes School Bus for Joyride in Baton Rouge

An 11-year-old allegedly stole a school bus in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and led “dozens” of police cars in a chase before crashing into a tree on October 11, according to reports. He had to stand up to reach the gas pedal, local media reported.This video was recorded by Mike Cave and shows the bus driving on the side of the road and over sidewalks, slowly being pursued by a cluster of police cars in a roundabout.Police spokesman L’Jean McKneely said the child drove the bus for nearly 45 minutes across Baton Rouge during the Sunday-morning pursuit, ABC27 reported.The minor drove the bus 13 miles, local media reported.A representative from the Baton Rouge police department told Storyful the child was arrested and charged with theft of a motor vehicle, aggravated flight, aggravated damage to property, and aggravated assault.Police told local media that the 11-year-old was seen flipping his middle finger to officers as he drove past them. Credit: Mike Cave via Storyful