1000 people march in Germany's Cologne with 100-metre flag in support of Ukraine – video

Screenshot: Frank Schneider on Twitter
Screenshot: Frank Schneider on Twitter

A march against Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine has gathered about 1,000 people in the centre of the city of Cologne, Germany.

Source: a video by journalist Frank Schneider on Twitter

Details: The journalist said about 1,000 people gathered to call for an end to Russia's 682-day aggression against Ukraine, displaying a 100-metre-long blue and yellow flag of Ukraine.

Schneider added that during the march through the city centre, people chanted their gratitude to Germany for its assistance.


  • Earlier, Germany handed over missiles for IRIS-T SLM air defence systems and Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine in a new package.

  • In 2023, Germany's arms exports reached a record €12.2 billion. Ukraine became the main recipient of arms from Germany, totalling €4.44 billion.

  • On 22 December, the German government updated the list of military aid to Ukraine, announcing the transfer of three Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft systems with spare parts in addition to the 49 supplied earlier.

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