100 days into Obama’s 2nd term, some good news for conservatives

Meredith Jessup

Disclaimer: When I say "good" news for conservatives, keep in mind that it's alllll relative.

Bloomberg's Albert Hunt reflects on the first 100 days of President Obama's 2nd term and where his agenda stands:

The White House thought a comfortably re-elected president would have more clout, and face less-resistant Republicans, to strike a compromise on the deficit, avoid the mindless across- the-board sequestration cuts, pass a gun-control measure, and immigration overhaul and get Congress to embark on a broad, new agenda, including universal preschool education, a higher minimum wage, an ambitious infrastructure program and something on climate change.

With the exception of immigration, this agenda is going nowhere.

Democrats as well as Republicans on Capitol Hill say this is partly because of the Obama style, which is unchanged from the first administration: a reticence to negotiate, and an inability to close on what supporters think are good deals. Complaints about White House insularity are as pronounced as ever.

What?! The Obama White House is isolating itself?