10 Weird iPhone Games You've Got to Try

Chelsea Stark
10 Weird iPhone Games You've Got to Try
1. Velocirapture


If you are worried about the rapture coming, imagine how the extinct dinosaurs must have felt. In Velocirapture, you play a wrathful, yet benevolent god, who is out to save all the good velociraptors while smiting all the bad ones. You swipe all the good dinos into the outstretched godly hand, and kill all the bad ones -- who are really bad, and will knock other dinos into a pit. It's a game by Adult Swim, so you expect a lot of silliness and fun mechanics.

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Are you looking for iPhone games that have strayed very, very far off the beaten path?

If you're looking for some of the strangest stuff available in the iTunes Store, we've picked out the 10 titles are just plain weird. Some are have bizarre main characters, like zombie Chopin in Frederic - Resurrection of Music or a giant, rolling pizza in Pizza Vs. Skeletons.

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Others are unique because of their weird animation or strange twists on gameplay, like one title where you swipe at a mutant face growing out of a hand.

Have you played any strange iPhone games lately? Let us know what you think of our list in the comments.

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