10 Ways You Could Be Losing Your Co-Worker’s Respect


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‘There’s always one,’ that’s what they say. One person in the group who somehow manages to grind everyone else’s gears whether knowingly or not.

But what about when you’re the One? You may be completely oblivious to your irksome status or you may have an inkling. Either way it’s not a very nice place to be.

Most folk will have experienced being the One at least once in their life; whether through misunderstanding, innocent lack of self awareness or just the unfortunate luck of being lumped with a group of people you don’t gel with.

Whatever the scenario, have a look at these top ten workplace faux pas. If this sounds like you it might be time to change your ways.

1. Loud personal calls

Know what your colleagues don’t love? Hearing you discuss your weekend antics over the phone with your bestie. They’re also deeply uninterested in listening to you row with your significant other. Loud personal calls are a real pisser-offer in the office, they’re distracting, irritating and seriously uncouth.

2. Mucho cigarette breaks

Taking loads of cigarette breaks is a sure fire way to build resentment in the workplace. The way your colleagues see it - your addiction doesn’t qualify you for additional time off privileges.

According to a study for British Heart Foundation, smokers who nip out for ten minute ciggie breaks four times a day costs British businesses £8.4bn a year in lost productivity. Smoking breaks cost £1,815 per year for each full-time employee.

3. Messy desk

Desk top chaos is another workplace bugbear. True not everyone needs a tidy room to have a tidy mind but nobody wants to be forced to look at a sh*t tip every day of their working life either.

4. Boring forwards

A funny share once in a while is cool but too many emails and you’re basically spamming your colleagues. The burden of this is twofold if you’re the kind of person who expects your co-workers to chat about it in the staff kitchen.

5. Too much moaning

Look, everyone is at work when they could be doing something they actually wanted to do, okay? That’s a given. Listening to someone being negative all the time is a real energy-zapper. Limit your whinging or at lease choose a colleague you can trust rather than accosting anyone who’ll give you audience.

6. Spraffing sh*t in meetings

You may love ‘contributing’ to meetings but making them last longer than necessary by ranting away equates to the unnecessary imprisonment of your colleagues. Stop it. Stop it right now.

7. Gossiping

There’s a time and a place for slagging off your boss but too much gossiping in the workplace can make you come across as untrustworthy and negative.

8. Being late

If you’re in the habit of bowling in ten minutes late everyday recognise you’re being silently judges by everyone who isn’t. This sort of tendency is not something that goes unnoticed and whatever your excuse, all it really does is make you look like you don’t care.

9. Oversharing

Oversharing information about your personal life can make your colleagues feel awkward and is a real emotional drain. If you’ve got close mates at work, great but choose your audience wisely.

10. Bragging

Sure everyone is deserving of praise and encouragement but too much bragging about your own personal success can alienate you from your co-workers and makes you look a bit of a nob.

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