10 unique Asian treats to try out in celebration of National Dessert Day

What do you think of when someone says “dessert?” From cold, sickeningly sweet treats on a scorching summer day to warm pastries with the perfect texture, there’s bound to be a dessert for everyone. Here at NextShark, we’ve compiled the tastiest desserts we’ve written about to celebrate a holiday all dessert lovers should know: National Dessert Day. Here’s what we recommend checking out:

1. Ice Cream

This Yakult soft-serve, this Indomie Goreng-flavored ice cream, this dessert that looks like a katana and this Strawberry Supreme sundae are some ice creams that we recommend. Just be careful if you look through your parents’ freezer for a quick fix — that tub of ice cream might have frozen spaghetti inside.

2. Yakult Cake

This tres leches-inspired dessert that combines a spongy, buttery cake and the classic Japanese drink is definitely something you should try.

3. "Avocado dessert"

This viral treat that only has three ingredients— a can of condensed milk, some crushed ice and of course, an avocado— is a dessert you can make easily at home!

4. "Oreo rice"

This dessert dish replaces water with milk in a rice cooker (after cramming in tons of Oreos, that is).

5. Banana Nutella Soup Dumplings

This sweet take on the classic xiao long bao is what some call a disaster, but others call it a dessert.

6. "5-star" Japanese Cheesecake

This simple treat has just three ingredients: three eggs, 120g (4.3oz) white chocolate and 120g (4.3oz) cream cheese.

7. Anything with ube

This distinctly violet food item has made its way into anything you can think of, from pastries, ice cream and boba to alcoholic beverages.

8. "Boba Tea Toast"

This dessert is made of toasted sandwiches stuffed with gooey tapioca pearls. It even has different sweet sauces, such as Ovaltine, Crunchie and Caramel Lotus.

9. Hot Pot Boba

This other boba dessert (or meal, depending on how you see it) is for all you bobaddicts out there.

10. Dorayaki

And finally, this delicacy consists of azuki red bean paste sandwiched between two castella pancakes. (Your printed face is optional.)

Featured Image via lularoejamielynvmiller (left), @melange.ph (center), ochikeron (right)

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