10 Things to Argue About on Facebook (Besides Politics)

Eric Larson
10 Things to Argue About on Facebook (Besides Politics)
1. Pirates vs. Ninjas

1. Pirates vs. Ninjas

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If you're over the age of 12 and have a moderately stable Internet connection, you've probably witnessed or engaged in a nasty election-based argument online. You may have even dropped a few friends in the process.

But forget about "Obama vs. Romney" or "liberal vs. conservative." Heck, you can even drop "Eastwood vs. Chair."

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We've compiled a gallery of the most non-partisan, pro-awesome, quarrel-worthy rivalries as a substitute or, in other words, the perfect way to obliterate your online friendships just in time for the holidays.

Any good ones we missed? Let us know what non-political arguments get your blood boiling -- yelling encouraged.

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