10 Remixed Music Videos You'd Never Expect

Kenneth Rosen
'Big Bang Theory' Cast Stages 'Call Me Maybe' Flashmob [VIDEO]
7 Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos You're Sharing on Social Media

1. Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe" (Death Metal)

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Imagine if the Beatles were born in the U.S. during the metal era of the early '90s. What if Kurt Cobain grew up in Jamaica and developed a Reggae-like sound? Wonder and imagine no more, music fans -- Andy Rehfeldt has you covered.

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Rehfeldt remixes music videos of popular songs and famous artists by changing their genres. By rearranging instruments and vocals from live performances, Rehfeldt creates unique covers of songs by the artists themselves. Go through the gallery of YouTube videos above and let us know which cover is your favorite.

7 Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos You're Sharing on Social Media

Fake Hurricane Sandy photos flew around Twitter and Facebook on Monday, as users shared jaw-dropping images. Unfortunately, the race to post the most striking pics has most folks skipping the all-important fact check. We've gathered up five "Hurricane Sandy" photographs that have spread on the social web, but weren't actually taken during the massive storm.

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