10 Patriotic Pets Who Are Ready for Election Day

Amanda Wills
10 Patriotic Pets Who Are Ready for Election Day
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1. Hank

Oscar is all Romney

Image courtesy of Republican National Committee on Facebook

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For the past month, America has tuned into the debates on television and followed the candidates online. But did you know your pets have been watching too?

These animals know who they're voting for when they go to the pet polls on Nov. 6. (Don't mock, they do exist.) Both cats and dogs came together in support of the GOP in Pets for Romney.

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In Obama's court, democratic cats have a Facebook page, while Obama's Tumblr regularly features dogs sporting presidential swag.

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But don't be upset if your pet has a different political ideology. Most of our pets are sophisticated enough to have educated debates about economic planning and foreign policy. Just don't bring up Big Bird or binders -- those are still sore subjects.

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1. Hank

The son of a single mother who also spent time on death row -- does that not scream politician sob story? Hank the cat scratched his way into the Virginia senate race by promising a focus on job creation if he makes it to DC. The power-hungry kitty’s official campaign website details what makes Hank the perfect choice for Congress: “Hank is a refreshing candidate -- energetic, inspiring, and real. Unlike so many others, he wasn’t born with a “silver spoon” -- but earned his success and his name through hard work.” Hank will have to defeat George Allen, Tim Kaine and the distraction of laser pointers if he hopes to have a chance in November. Image courtesy of Hank for Senate

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