10 Nerdy Accessories for Your Summer BBQ

Amy-Mae Elliott
May 25, 2012

1. Hot Pot Barbecue

Perfect for balconies or other teeny outdoor spaces, this two-in-one barbecue and herb garden has a plant pot on top to grow herbs. This lifts off to reveal a small charcoal grill beneath for a quick summer cookout. Cost: $89.99

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The Memorial Day holiday weekend marks the start of summer, and with the sunniest season comes all the fun of eating outdoors with your friends and family.

Here at Mashable we love barbecues and we're rather partial to gadgetry, so it was no trouble at all to find some great BBQ gizmos and accessories to geek up your next summer party.

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From unusual cooking kits to novelty accessories, we've found some fun products for you to peruse. Take a look through the gallery above for our choices. Let us know which items you'd bring along to your next outdoor function.

Image courtesy of Flickr, ctaloi

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