10 Ways to Make Your Living Room Look More Expensive

By: Hometalker

Just because you’re pinching pennies doesn’t mean you can’t have a luxurious living space. No one will know how much cash you saved with these quick fixes.

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Paint Your Walls With Light Colors: Whites, creams, and non-heavy hues make everything brighter and cleaner, naturally giving your room a much more high-end vibe. Get the tutorial here. Courtesy of Hometalker/City Farmhouse

Supersize Your Art: There’s no need for busy wallpapers or eccentric decor. Purchase an inexpensive piece—or DIY one—and let the painting stand alone over your sofa or mantel. Get the tutorial here. Courtesy of Hometalker/House By Hoff

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Swap Out Your Lights: Get rid of those boring ceiling light fixtures and replace with a thrifted chandelier or an interesting pendant light for a trendy look that’s very affordable. Get the tutorial here. Courtesy of Hometalker/Sew A Fine Seam

Style Your Bookcase: Subtract a few books here and there, then add a sculpture, cute storage bins, or plant pots to create a balanced display. Get the tutorial here. Courtesy of Hometalker/Just A Girl

Invest In Throw Pillows: If a mountain of colorful throw pillows can make an unmade bed look masterful, imagine what it can do for your slightly-worn sofa. For maximum effect, mix up pillow patterns, sizes, and shades. Get the tutorial here. Courtesy of Hometalker/It All Started With Paint

Lay Down A Rug: Whether you love your floors or not, adding a rug is an easy way to delineate spaces, highlight a color palette, and infuse texture into a room. Get the tutorial here. Courtesy of Hometalker/Thrifty & Chic

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Hang Mirrors On The Walls: Not only will they make your living room feel larger, but mirrors also fill your walls in a classy way—whether you choose a dramatic, oversized version or multiple small ones. Get the tutorial here. Courtesy of Hometalker/Sypsie Designs

Create Contrast: Painting is an inexpensive move that can change a room in an instant. Pick the features you like most, like a gorgeous fireplace, and highlight them with contrasting colors. Get the tutorial here. Courtesy of Hometalker/Dans Le Lakehouse

Display Fresh Flowers: Bud jars, houseplants, and flowers add vibrant color and life—literally—to any space design. Get the tutorial here. Courtesy of Hometalker/The Graphics Fairy

Add Dramatic Drapes: High ceilings make a home appear more sophisticated, but you don’t need to renovate to get the look. Hang long curtains instead, starting right where the wall meets the ceiling and leaving a little fabric to pool on the floor. Get the tutorial here. Courtesy of Hometalker/Designing On The Side

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