10 Indoor Plants that Help You Breathe Easy

Whether you have a particularly green thumb or not, you may want to consider amping up your indoor greens. No, we're not talking kale and spinach for a healthier lifestyle ( though those don't hurt either!), we're talking household plants. Did you know that certain plants are actually proven to improve the air quality in your home?

Electronics, paints and adhesives are just a few of the elements in our home that emit toxins. Not to mention the various sources of mold that can lead to severe illness for those who suffer from allergies.

There are of course many products you can purchase on the market that serve as air purifiers, but why opt for something man-made, when you can go all natural?

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From English Ivy to the Boston Fern, these vibrant plants will not only lift your mood just by looking at them, they'll make you feel better too!

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