10 Easy DIY Easter Decoration Projects

Forget the Easter egg dying, and try out one of these 10 DIY projects for the spring holiday.

Easter will be here before we know it – and while the traditional egg-dying event is the holiday's most time-honored DIY tradition, you may want to try something a little different this year.

With days to go ahead of the holiday, give one of these 10 easy, unique DIY projects a shot to get into the spring mood, courtesy of Joy Cho of OhJoy.com, Pinterest and Country Living.

-While Easter baskets are typically laden with chocolates, candies and toys for kids, try putting together a basket for a close friend. For lady friends, get a nice basket and tie the top with a vintage scarf – acting as both a decoration and a keepsake. Instead of candies, add little accessories or a tiny picture frame of you and your friend.

-Get the kids involved with this DIY craft idea: Grab some tiny colored pompoms (or even cotton balls) and hot glue the pieces together to make tiny chicks or bunnies. Add google eyes and tiny felt ears.

-If you’re planning on handing out a bunch of little treats or baskets, opt for tiny containers and just fill with little chocolates and colorful or glittery paper shreds.

-Jordan almonds seem to be in every bowl or in every Easter basket; use the extras to make a fun, festive Easter wreath by gluing the candies around a Styrofoam wreath. Select a fun ribbon to tie off at the top.

-If you’re a little beyond the boiling and hand-dying process of coloring actual Easter eggs, head to Michael’s or another craft store to purchase some colorful paints and wooden eggs. They’ll last longer and you won’t have to spend the next 24 hours with stained fingers or a messy kitchen.

-Create a spring-like Easter centerpiece using fake moss, decorative branches and flowers; arrange however you like in a basket or shallow vase. Add some rabbit, chick figurines or Easter eggs to complete the look.

-Elevate your candy jars by selecting glass dishes and gluing wooden candlestick bases to the bottom. Fill the bowls with candies from the bag.

-Create your own tassel garland using colorful pompoms on a bright twine. Or, bunch together shredded tissue paper in pastel colors. Tie off each bundle of shredded papers and affix to a twine.

-If you’re hosting a party or brunch, get a small wooden trough and fill with mason jars. Fill each mason jar with colorful candies and add a sign to the trough that reads “Bunny Bait.” That way guests can select their own jar of candies to snack on.

-Gingerbread houses don’t just have to be for Christmas – make your Peeps or chocolate Easter bunny a home for the holiday. Use a vanilla flavored icing to stick graham crackers together to make a tiny house. Fill the interior with green Twizzles and stick the little animal treats inside.

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