The 10 Best DIY and Craft Blogs to Follow in 2015

There is no DIY lover out there with a quenched thirst for new crafts. We (that’s you plus everyone here at Yahoo DIY) are always seeking the newest ombre applicationclever garlandhomemade tote bag, and the like. We won’t stop, can’t stop—it’s never enough.

So let’s start off the year with a delicious taste of the 10 best DIY and craft blogs we've found in 2015. Some are newer than others, but they are all actively producing, crafting, and decorating our feeds with creative genius. Ready?

1. Vintage Revivals


Super eclectic, Vintage Revivals is full of home décor, gift, upcycling, and refurbishing projects. While all DIY blogs offer instructions, Mandi’s tutorials are beyond thorough, with photos of every step. She has a real affinity for geometrically designed crafts (like this leather and brass teardrop planter), so if that’s your jam, run, don’t walk.

2. Sugar and Cloth


With beautiful photos, Sugar and Cloth mixes food, kids, home, and general craft with a clean flourish. From humorous cactus christmas trees to a DIY washer yard game (check this out for sure!), Ashley Rose entertains and crafts at the same time. (These no-sew aprons were given to attendees of a floral craft workshop.)

3. Homey Oh My


A blog in its infancy at just over a year old, author Amy has a knack for everything home. From mouse pads to painted fabric curtains, her projects are clean and modern and can mix into various decors. (Don’t you love these DIY fruit magnets made from cement in candy molds?)

4. Smile and Wave


There is a realness and familiarity to this blog that makes its readers feel at home. Author Rachel shares photos of her home and family freely, mixing in her beautiful take on “vintage, home, and big messes.” (And yes, she MADE this hammock chair. Therefore, you can too.)

5. Almost Makes Perfect


When you click the “DIY” button on this blog, you will scan her projects with successive nods. Yes, yes, and yes. Molly has a very modern, clean aesthetic and has the ability to transform a Kmart-style plastic cooler into something that looks like it came from the set of Mad Men. No joke. (Bottle table number DIY here.)

6. Art Bar


If you have little ones at home, then please, please. Bookmark. This. Blog. Barbara has an effortless and fearless touch with kids’ crafts. They don’t feel too forced, precious, or perfect. And if you are lucky enough to live near her studio in Connecticut, then you can send your kids (and yourself) to workshops and classes.

7. Mini Eco


For people that need ASAP solutions to DIY projects, then printables are your thing. Check out Mini Eco for it’s ingenious paper printables that fold into amazing and useful little sculptures. From geometric gift boxes (like these adorable donuts) to cootie catchers, Kate has a poppy illustration style that pleases DIYers of all ages.

8. The House that Lars Built


Honestly, we are just making sure that you know this terrifically brilliant blog. Brittany is not new on the scene, but just one peak into her life and style and you may just want to live it. Brush up on her humongous paper flowers just in time for Valentine’s day. (Who doesn’t need a birthday candle crown like this one?)

9. Willow Day


Hailing from Sweden (usually the home to where everything modern begins) Willow (yes, that’s her name too) offers an enormous amount of DIYs for kids and adults alike. The projects use materials that range from mother nature’s droppings to items from your recycling bin and everything in between. One of the lovely things about Willow Day is that you feel like you are really peaking into the life of Willow and family…that she is not just crafting for the camera. (This lovely fan garland is a great way to display your kids art and scribbles OFF of the fridge!)

10. Hello Natural


Self-described as a destination for DIY beauty ideas, healthy recipes, green-cleaning tips and wellness advice, Hello Natural doesn’t feel like a hippy-dippy blog. Blogger Stephanie mixes in gift ideas, kids crafts, easy décor that helps you transform your life and style without spending a ton of cash with a very digestible holistic lifestyle.

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