10 Colleges With the Most Alumni Donors

Katy Hopkins
December 18, 2012

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Most students have to pay their colleges to attend--and after graduation, some keep sending checks.

For Princeton University graduates, the practice is more common than not. An average of 62.6 percent of alumni made financial donations to the top-ranked National University over two recent years, Princeton reported to U.S. News.

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That's significantly higher than the nationwide average of 13 percent, according to data provided by 1,211 ranked colleges in a 2012 survey. To calculate each school's alumni giving rate, U.S. News averages school reports of the percentage of all alumni who graduated with an undergraduate degree and donated funds in 2009-2010 with those who did in 2010-2011. Donations can be in any size-- $5 is counted the same as $500, as long as it came from a graduate who left the institution with a bachelor's degree.

With the exception of Princeton, the 10 colleges with the most active alumni donor bases are National Liberal Arts Colleges, including top-ranked Williams College. At that Massachusetts institution, an average of 57.5 percent of grads donated money over the two-year period.

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Alumni giving rates are not just a gauge of alumni satisfaction; they account for 5 percent in the U.S. News Best Colleges rankings methodology. Schools that are designated as Unranked by U.S. News, because they do not submit enough data for a numerical rank to be calculated, were not considered for this report.

These are the 10 schools where the highest average percentages of alums made donations to their alma maters over the two-year period considered.

School (state) Percentage of alumni who donate U.S. News rank & category
Princeton University (NJ) 62.6 1, National Universities
Thomas Aquinas College (CA) 58.9 82, National Liberal Arts Colleges
Carleton College (MN) 58.2 8, National Liberal Arts Colleges
Williams College (MA) 57.5 1, National Liberal Arts Colleges
Amherst College (MA) 57.3 2, National Liberal Arts Colleges
Centre College (KY) 54.9 52, National Liberal Arts Colleges
Middlebury College (VT) 54.7 4, National Liberal Arts Colleges
Davidson College (NC) 53.4 12, National Liberal Arts Colleges
College of the Holy Cross (MA) 51.1 32, National Liberal Arts Colleges
Bowdoin College (ME) 50.2 6, National Liberal Arts Colleges

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