The 10 Best Political Memes of 2012

Alex Fitzpatrick
The 10 Best Political Memes of 2012
Texts From Hillary

Texts From Hillary

Who could ever forget Texts From Hillary? The Tumblr the featured Hillary Clinton's hilarious "responses" to text messages. Even Clinton herself got in on the fun. Image courtesy of Texts From Hillary

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The 2012 presidential election is just over a month behind us, so we've had time to celebrate, mourn or just be thankful it's all over.

Throughout the election, many voters participated in a cultural phenomenon made possible by social media. Any piece of content created by anyone had the potential to go viral on the web — particularly, memes, funny images and captions that commented on the day's events.

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In a way, political memes represent the democratization of political cartoons. Just as a blogger no longer requires space in a newspaper to share his viewpoint with millions, a meme-maker can communicate a political point with simple visuals and caustic humor.

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Whether you think political memes are just a bit of Internet fun or a new form of expression, join us for a look back at our favorites from the past year. And be sure to share your picks in the comments.

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