10 of the best April Fools' Day jokes on the Internet this year


If you forgot today was April Fools' Day, that's exactly what the Internet was counting on.

With each incarnation of the dreaded day, companies and celebrities attempt to out-clever one another with jokes that more often perplex, offend or just fall miserably flat, but here are a few that restored some honor to the unofficial holiday.

10. YouTube's SnoopaVision

There are a lot of videos in this post, so let's just get this one out of the way up front to ensure maximum enjoyment: You can now watch YouTube videos in SnoopaVision.

What is SnoopaVision, you might be asking? Well, it's basically a 360-degree video viewing experience, with the added bonus of Snoop Dogg — what more could you ask for?

"Finally you can combine 360 immersive viewing with the pioneering, West Coast, G-Funk hip hop," one YouTube spokesperson says.

The feature is still in beta (set to launch 7/27/2043, see you all then), but in the meantime, clicking the little Snoop icon underneath any YouTube video will still transport you to some truly delightful Snoop Doggy-Dogg viewing experiences.

9. Yahoo's Trader Joe's prank

Like one of those cruel school tests that asked you to read the directions all the way through — only to inform you at the end that you didn't even have to take the test — more than a few people on the Internet learned the hard way to always read an entire article before reacting. Those who didn't were outraged to learn Trader Joe's would be closing all its stores — except, of course, the story was complete fabricated by Yahoo (and has since been taken down.)

The author, Delaney Strunk, let readers in on the joke at the end of the article, but apparently most people didn't make it past the headline — and were not amused.

This one came a little early in the U.S. (on March 31) — and veered toward the diabolical end of the joke spectrum — but we have to give it points for impact.

8. John Stamos' Netflix documentary

John Stamos can do no wrong — even when he's pranking us.

"John Stamos is more than just a human being," Stamos says in a trailer for a faux-documentary in which he talks almost exclusively in the third-person. "John Stamos is a human, being."

Stamos: A Human, Being purports to be about the heartthrob's side career as a musician, and if you think this is something we wouldn't watch, Netflix, well — joke's on you.

Bonus: Stamos allegedly had a "meltdown" at the Netflix office after finding out the documentary was just a joke (fool us once, Netflix...)

7. Lairbnb

Airbnb already lets you sleep just about anywhere: a castle, a trailer, an underwater bedroom surrounded by sharks — so why not a villain's lair?

The very punny Lairbnb offers up a vampire's lair, a gnome's home, a superhero's den and more for what is sure to be some pretty fantastic hospitality.

Sounds like a profitable — if maybe hard to pin down — idea, if you ask us.

6. Ansell Condoms

Ansell Condoms is asking for its customers help in cleaning up the environment, and the solution sounds simple enough: Just take your used condoms, stick them in an envelope (already included with your purchase!) and mail them back to the company, where they'll be recycled, and you'll get a discount on your next purchase.

April Fools! (Obviously. Thankfully.)

Sure, the thought alone is enough to make your skin crawl, but gross-out humor has its moments. Nicely played, Ansell.

5. Google Plastic

Sure, you've heard of Google Cardboard, but how about Google Plastic? No? Well turns out you're not missing much, because apparently Google's latest gadget will let you simulate...reality?

All you have to do is place the clear plastic googles over your head and — voila! — everything looks so real!

Props to Google for the meta-commentary on everyone's current collective obsession with escaping into virtual reality. Way to stay grounded, Google.

4. HuluDatr

Are you a couch potato seeking couch potato? Then Hulu's got a matchmaking service for you. It's just too bad it isn't real.

The company unveiled its HuluDatr app today to connect singles with other binge-watching-enthusiasts and "help you press play on your love life."

We know April Fools' Day jokes are supposed to be preposterous and all but hey, Hulu — any chance of making this a real thing?

3. Cornhub


Pornhub, er, Cornhub took a sort of not-NSFW approach to April Fools' Day by switching the first letter of its name and plastering its front page with photos and videos that paint wholesome old corn-on-the-cob in a whole new light.

Sure, there are still plenty of innuendos, and every other page on the site is filled with the usual content (hence, no direct links here, sorry!) but we sure do appreciate the corny humor, Pornhub.

2. "Edward Snowden's" Reddit AMA

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.22.33 PM
Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.22.33 PM

Image: Reddit

Real_Edward_Snowden stopped by Reddit's r/Technology forum for an Ask Me Anything session today — except, of course, it wasn't the real Edward Snowden, and "Snowden" didn't really answer anything.

Instead, the jokesters over at Reddit posted an entire thread of redacted text from the supposed Snowden in response to questions about security, the presidential election and other subjects.

Nice try, Reddit — something tells us the real Snowden will probably have a sense of humor about the whole thing, though.

1. Hamburger Helper Mixtape

Hands down, the Hamburger Helper mixtape was the clear winner of the day. Not only was the joke — that the brand's family-friendly anthropomorphic mascot "Lefty" has reinvented itself as super-fly hip-hop artist — amusing, but it was impeccably-executed, too.

The company dropped not one, but two music videos and a total of five original tracks from the so-called Watch the Stove mixtape, with lyrics including "Hold up I told you I'm serving that stroganoff/Hot out the oven it's molten lava," and the Internet was there for it.

Perhaps key to Hamburger Helper's success: They enlisted outside help, in the form of Twin Cities Minnesota rap duo Dequexatron X000, social media star Retro Spectro and students of McNally Smith College of Music.

Dishonorable mentions:

Gmail's ill-advised Mic Drop prank, this grocer's illegal meat stunt, and — word to the wise — anything involving ISIS. Better luck next year, guys.