10 Auld Lang Syne Covers You Shouldn't Forget

Kenneth Rosen

1. Beer Bottles

Because what else were you going to do with all of those empty bottles at the end of the party?

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Should old acquaintances be forgot? Not this year, no. Actually, not any year. Bring on the Auld Lang Syne!

Sing the traditional folk classic and holiday staple from the rooftops or in front of the neighbor's house. Or keep to yourself, and record a video in your room -- like many of the videos we've found above. From a beer bottle rendition to a special meow-ledy as a bonus.

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Watch the videos above to see different takes on the classic New Year's song and send us your favorite versions in the comments below. We challenge the really brave to create their own cover.

Photo courtesy of Flickr, bayassa

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