UPDATE 1-White House: tapping SPR an option, no announcement to make


ON BOARD AIR FORCE ONE, Aug 29 (Reuters) - The White House

reiterated on Wednesday that the option of releasing oil from

the Strategic Petroleum Reserve remained on the table but it had

no announcements to make about a move.

"As I have said for some time now, all options are on the

table with regard to this issue," White House spokesman Jay

Carney told reporters, echoing a similar statement he made on


Carney said the United States along with its G7 and G8

partners were watching the effects of global oil prices on the

world economy.

"We continue to do that, but I have no announcement," Carney


The White House seriously considered a plan in the spring to

tap the SPR but shelved it after oil prices came down.

The United States and international partners are now

considering those plans again, following a potential oil supply

disruption from Hurricane Isaac as a possible reason for action.