1 struck, killed by Amtrak train in northeast Charlotte

One person was struck and killed by a train in northeast Charlotte, MEDIC confirmed.

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The victim died at the scene of Old Concord Road at Cobblestone Glen Drive at about 4:15 p.m. on Nov. 3.

On Monday, the victim was identified as 26-year-old Eddie Antonio Rodriguez Jr.

Amtrak Piedmont Train 75 services the line between Raleigh and Charlotte.

Riders said the passenger train was about 10 minutes out from the station when the operating engineer slowed it down and stopped.

“The conductor came over the intercom and said someone just got hit,” passenger Brittany Bowers said. “That’s kind of all I heard, and I was like, did he say something or someone?”

The person who died was trespassing on the tracks, Amtrak officials said.

“I thought it just hit something hard and it sounded like the wheels were kind of messing up,” Bowers said.

The crash put the train hours behind schedule delaying passengers, including Jamie Malcom.

She was waiting for the train in Charlotte to head back to Raleigh.

“Usually when I come up, the train is usually already here on the tracks, so I knew something was up,” Malcom said.

Bowers said first responders tried to limit the impact for everyone involved.

“People out here care,” Bowers said. “They tried their hardest.”

Amtrak is working with local law enforcement to investigate the crash.

No one was injured onboard the train.

The police closed Old Concord Road at Cobblestone Drive. Traffic was diverted from Old Concord Road to Torrence Grove Church Road and Cobblestone Glen Drive.

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