1,872-Pound Zombie Pumpkin Will Blow Your Gourd

Stephanie Haberman

Some pumpkin carvings are merely jack-o-lanterns. Others, like the zombie pumpkin created by master gourd sculptor Ray Villafane, are works of art.

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The photo above shows what happens when Villafane has three of biggest pumpkins grown in the United States to play with -- one of which weighed 1,872 pounds.

Villafane and his team at Villafane Studios took the massive gourds and created an amazing zombie pumpkin scene at the New York Botanical Garden for the park's Haunted Pumpkin event.

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How big the pumpkin started:

What it looked like chopped up:

What it turned into:

And, finally, how it happened:

Bonus: Check out Villafane's other mind-blowing pumpkin creations in the gallery below.


Photo courtesy of Villafane Studios

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All photos used with permission from Villafane Studios

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