$1.2 million Anderson Township home sale among the week's top property transfers

Find out how much property is selling for in your neighborhood.
Find out how much property is selling for in your neighborhood.

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Information provided by Hamilton County Auditor Brigid Kelly.


Oak St: Bielefeld Rentals 2 LLC to Knox John A; $10,253

Anderson Township

1027 Baytree Ct: Suder Erich K & Jane Liu Suder to Kelble Matthew J & Beatriz Murakami Su; $247,000

1151 Linden Hill Ln: Traditions Anderson LLC to Traditions Linden Hill LLC; $133,700

1317 Birney Ln: Wuebker Matthew to Unger Angela R & Michael J Dukes; $280,000

138 Asbury Rd: Nolan John J Tr to Rings Mitchell & Jordan Robinson; $360,000

1587 Eight Mile Rd: Barber Donald A to Dunne Christopher M; $270,000

6851 Salem Rd: Wahoff Julia S to Weller Danielle M; $225,000

6859 Five Mile Rd: Whitney Gerald A to Centner Adam J Tr; $1,195,000

7054 Bestview Te: Bsfr II Owner I LLC to 997 Trs II LLC; $488,530

7137 Royalgreen Dr: Kennedy John P & Wendy S to Ruwe Daniel R & Gloria Hope Bertke; $430,000

7867 Meadowcreek Dr: Harriman Mark W & Ashley A to George Alexander & Angela; $462,500

8317 Jakaro Dr: Painter Brandon C & Jessica L to Meeks Conor; $548,000

960 Woodlyn Dr: Weitfle Michael to Judy Rachael; $165,000

Five Mile Rd: Whitney Gerald A to Centner Adam J Tr; $1,195,000

Blue Ash

11108 Lebanon Ave: Martinez Juan Carlos Pilar & Esteban Martinez to Maharem Karim; $280,000

4516 Leslie Ave: Dumford Giovanni E to Sprightly Properties LLC; $150,000

4641 Hunt Rd: Woebkenberg Stephanie & Harry B III to Stetler Elizabeth A; $225,000

9473 Hunters Creek Dr: Cereceda Carlos Enrique Diaz to Parks Investments And Properties LLC; $185,000

Bond Hill

1722 Andina Ave: Global Wineskin Services LLC to Verhoff Luke & Zhujun Mayton; $340,000

1922 Avonlea Ave: Porter Larry Amon to Harris Bradle & Brooke Adams; $225,000

4762 Reading Rd: Engle Michael J to Lackey Jerol D; $52,800

5948 Havenwood Ct: Bell Michael & Cherelle to Willis Renee & John; $395,000

Business District

33 Court St: Court And Vine Holdings LLC to Schifilliti Salvatore & Robin; $393,000

33 Court St: Court And Vine Holdings LLC to Vincent Madison L; $220,000

353 Fourth St: Trythall Elizabeth Paige to Jones Michael Scott & Julie; $385,000

813 Broadway: Watkins Stephen & Corinne Pease to Ziegler Daniel R; $270,000


5800 Kellogg Ave: Beuke Todd J to Merritt Robert; $131,000


154 North Bend Rd: Gambit Homes LLC to Williamson Darryl M @3; $75,000


3822 Washington Ave: Willow Pastures LLC to Equitable Properties LLC; $761,000

3904 Woodbine Ave: Cieslak Matthew F Tr to Benge Michael; $102,000

4117 Trevor Ave: Morris Craig to Morales Edvin Gilberto Lopez &; $155,000


3683 Vine St: White Marietta to Select Portfolio Sorvicing Inc; $68,000

Colerain Township

11920 Abbeytown Dr: Mi Homes Of Cincinnati LLC to Embry II Carlton L &; $396,000

2722 Barthas Pl: Middleton Natasha to Dy Grace & Peter Jung; $153,000

2868 Compton Rd: Schultz Lance Eric @ 8 to King Janecia; $170,000

2872 Compton Rd: Schultz Lance Eric @ 8 to King Janecia; $170,000

3069 Autumnridge Dr: Walls Braeden to Arlinghaus Leanne & Matthew Giese; $215,000

3084 Galbraith Rd: Anchor Developments V LLC to A2b Budget Hotel LLC; $4,800,000

3163 Lapland Dr: Rowan Sherry L to Oaks Property Group LLC; $87,000

3263 Rinda Ln: Osh LLC to Th Property Owner I LLC; $143,000

3343 Hidden Creek Dr: Sommerville Richard to Wiechering David W & Beverly A; $130,000

3402 Lapland Dr: Konerman Judith R Tr to Lu Aigang & Hengrui Yang; $132,000

3411 Banning Rd: Kinglsey Pamela A to Fiegel Donald R & Nancy J; $218,500

5985 Blue Rock Rd: Schneider Michael T & Anita L to Glines Stephen & Mary; $631,000

6749 Kern Dr: Leclerc Marc & Rachel to Ragle Christopher & Emily Rieger; $420,000

7216 Creekview Dr: Farrell Michael T to Good Ryan J; $80,000

7339 Hunters Ridge Ln: John Henry Homes Inc to Canup Jason Robert; $449,900

7569 Pippin Rd: Doss Eugene V & Pamela S Chapman to Chapman Pamela S; $32,650

7679 Miami River Rd: Ratterman Thomas J Tr & Carolyn M Tr to Bowman Paul; $125,000

9173 Trelawney Ct: Goodall Tamara to Hwo Real Estate LLC; $131,000

9558 Woodstate Dr: Tri State Innovative Property Solutions LLC to Ali Allah; $164,500

9628 Pebble View Dr: Burkart Louis P to Powell Mark A; $300,000

9929 Capstan Dr: White William H & Greta L to Mendenhall Mark; $86,100

College Hill

1143 Atwood Ave: Gibson Henry & Pearline to Cincinnati Choice Properties LLC; $37,100

6312 Heitzler Ave: Garrett Timothy J to Salisbury Jeffrey; $109,900

6312 Savannah Ave: Williams Nathaniel to A3t Capital Partners LLC; $70,000

6678 Plantation Wy: Oldfield Michaela W & Nathan T to Deskins Elijah; $195,000

7867 Bitteroot Ln: Cook-hunter India to Praxis Ventures LLC; $85,150

8001 Granville Ln: Grundhoefer Sandra J to Radius Properties LLC; $10,000

Columbia Township

4242 Blaney Ave: Elzey Lindsay J to Rice Emily & Jacob Fedders; $325,000

6906 Roe St: Arthur Stephen to Light Homes LLC; $255,000


237 William H Taft Rd: Hcii-237 William Howard Taft Road LLC to Union On Taft LLC; $12,500,000

Deer Park

7701 Moss Ct: Powell Kiley L to Keenan Michael John & Ebba M Carlstrand; $279,500

Wentworth Ln: Nvr Inc to Anadon Arnelio Figuracion @3; $340,060

Wentworth Ln: Nvr Inc to Fulcher Kayla Nicole; $343,095

Wentworth Ln: Nvr Inc to Le Maire Maximilien William; $372,365

Wentworth Ln: Nvr Inc to Lee Howard W; $334,495

Delhi Township

1004 Martini Rd: Kunkel Robert & Barbara to Marde Crizoline @ 3; $432,000

1271 Anderson Ferry Rd: Bsfr Ii Owner I LLC to 997 Trs II LLC; $488,530

279 Deephaven Dr: Ogletree John & Ceair Baggett to Collins Ryan; $255,000

4333 Mayhew Ave: Precision Auto Body Inc to Cincy Cuts LLC; $500,000

4414 Valence Dr: Helmers Emily R to Brogan Sarah & Ryan Patrick; $209,000

5036 Clarevalley Dr: Bsfr Ii Owner I LLC to 997 Trs II LLC; $488,530

5123 Grossepointe Ln: Kraemer Timothy J & Gayle A to Abrams Sierra; $220,000

5367 Plover Ln: Pace Lee Ann to Davidson Lance W & Charles W; $195,000

5376 Romance Ln: Helping Hands Of America Foundation to Acre Hub LLC The; $3,510

5495 Timber Way Dr: Klett Jerome R to Roll Donna L; $280,000

622 Libbejo Dr: 11b Construction Ltd to Mcnair Nicholas L & Maya; $252,000

654 Ivyhill Dr: Patti Candice to Lubbers Corey & Emily; $118,000

802 Serben Dr: New Lifestyle Investments LLC to Arcaro Anthony Allen; $230,000

927 Fashion Ave: Studt Robert to Bosken Elizabeth; $226,000

Rapid Run Rd: Rapid Run Development LLC to Western Wildlife Corridor Inc; $350,000

East Price Hill

1026 Mcpherson Ave: Meyer Management Inc to Hayrapetyan Hayrapet & Hasmick Abrahmyan; $148,000

1601 Manss Ave: Kassem Real Estate & Investments LLC to Kruer Joshua; $150,000

2231 Graebe Ave: Courtney William L to Llapi Sadik & Marjeta; $65,184

2500 Warsaw Ave: Smith Terry A to Barton Bryan Alexander; $111,000

2823 Glenway Ave: Antla Development Group LLC to Buy The Best Franchise LLC; $210,000

530 Elberon Ave: Baker James E Jr & Stella to Djs Ohio Leasing LLC; $118,100

704 Elberon Ave: Umc Food Ministry Limited Liabilty Company to Back2back Cincinnati LLC; $300,000

712 Elberon Ave: Umc Food Ministry Limited Liabilty Company to Back2back Cincinnati LLC; $300,000

714 Elberon Ave: Umc Food Ministry Limited Liabilty Company to Back2back Cincinnati LLC; $300,000

716 Elberon Ave: Umc Food Ministry Limited Liabilty Company to Back2back Cincinnati LLC; $300,000

718 Elberon Ave: Umc Food Ministry Limited Liabilty Company to Back2back Cincinnati LLC; $300,000

726 Elberon Ave: Umc Food Ministry Limited Liabilty Company to Back2back Cincinnati LLC; $300,000

906 Seton Ave: Bassett Antonio to Moore Kevin Tr; $226,015

Elmwood Place

5702 Highland Ave: Apr Investments Group LLC to Better Home Rental LLC; $110,000

5926 Elmwood Ave: Red Mill Properties Ii LLC to Tanspace LLC; $123,700


1534 Dixmont Ave: Rings Mitchell to Raben Haley Gene; $312,000

1927 Hewitt Ave: 25 Montgomery Development LLC to Bruns Jason; $350,000

1983 Fairfax Ave: Cordell Development LLC to Amiri Investments LLC; $65,000

2005 Clarion Ave: Coney Durwick R to Frierson Julia E; $54,290


3907 Watterson Rd: Hawkins Rachel to Opelt Kylie J; $140,000

Red Bank Rd: Fca Realty LLC to Mcas Cincinnati LLC; $11,858,413

Forest Park

11516 Mill Rd: Ntumba Linda Neal & Kayembe D to Williams Christopher D &; $269,900

11610 Mountholly Ct: Shadd Stacee Eugenia to Price Kye Rockym; $226,000

983 Havensport Dr: Hawkins Judith K to Next Journey Homes Offers LLC; $107,375


334 Oak Dr: Krieg Lore Tr to Murphy Timothy Robert & Jamie; $390,000

40 Village Sq: Landmark Group LLC to Rpm Meritage Properties LLC; $800,000

Greenville Ave: Landmark Group LLC to Rpm Meritage Properties LLC; $800,000

Golf Manor

2401 Vera Ave: Croswell Robert S Iv to Schwob Aryeh Leib & Reva Leah; $200,000

2508 St Albans Ave: Lumpkin Nicholas R & Kimberly J Bancsi to Garver Claira Krouse & Zachary Witte; $231,000

6110 Stover Ave: Stover Rrit LLC to Dizon Charles @4; $450,000

Green Township

1892 Forest View Ln: Duffey Joseph D Tr to Walsh Brennen & Samantha; $370,000

3359 Forestview Dr: Doran John P to Leindecker Luke Jacob; $270,000

3382 Tallahassee Dr: Pearce Anna Katherine to Pearce Jacob S & Courtney Tackett; $177,000

3960 Janett Ave: Martinez Lynn M to Jablonski Dylan M@4; $195,000

4223 Westwood Northern Bv: Brafford Lauren A to Abraham Habtom & Elen M Yoseif; $261,000

4510 Runningfawn Dr: Denicola Patricia J Aka Patricia Joan Denicola to Cruz Brandon & Shanika Sherelle M; $305,000

5226 Fox Ridge Dr: Donald Kathi A to Wenzel Richard Scott & Elizabeth; $185,000

5452 Karen Ave: Re Diane M to Scheetz Chelsea Lowry & Nicholas David; $280,000

5553 Raceview Ave: Wells Christopher J to Werner Jennifer L; $193,500

5651 Sidney Rd: Malloy Dennis J Sr to Kinnemeyer Kathleen; $70,000

5767 Evelyn Rd: Buckmeier Jeffrey P & Lee Ann to Merritt David A; $204,500

5769 Cedaridge Dr: Hartinger John C Tr & Lynne A Tr to Kiffle LLC; $130,000

5773 Haubner Rd: Speicher Joseph J & Jennifer L to Metsch Kristi L; $291,000

5862 Seiler Dr: Rai Aita & Durga to Powers Celia Ann & Kevin Browne; $226,000

6189 Sheed Rd: Mcquillan Kevin & Kathi to Hellkamp Craig & Abbigail Hellkamp; $43,000


10683 West Rd: Coakley Theodore E to Menniger Steve M & S Realty; $165,000

1265 Cavanaugh Ln: Westhaven Development LLC to Nvr Inc; $57,914

1267 Cavanaugh Ln: Westhaven Development LLC to Nvr Inc; $55,915

214 Sycamore St: Hopper Theresa A to Jackson Jennifer; $125,000

214 Sycamore St: Jackson Jennifer to Jackson Jennifer; $125,000

595 Deerfield Dr: Larkins Ventures LLC to Klaene Jeremy Tr; $270,000

Harrison Township

10750 Carolina Trace Rd: Milazzo John M to Barnum Erik Russell; $440,000


249 Kearney St: Mann Norma to Emmons Jerome D; $25,000

46 Parkway Ave: Westside Farms LLC to Wilson Peter; $142,000

Hyde Park

2259 Madison Rd: Nickels John M & Lindsay C to Chasnoff Sam & Bonnie Kohler; $415,000

2280 Dana Ave: Noonan Katie M to Djung Fan Mary & Kaien Song; $235,000

2345 East Hill Ave: Deutsch Nathan D & Jessica Duplaga to Farrell Leslie Magida & Peter Roger; $1,050,000

2444 Madison Rd: Bowman John E to Moreau Rita; $200,000

2444 Madison Rd: Green Terrance to Wright Richard John Tr & Lisa Berlin Tr; $180,000

2444 Madison Rd: Harris Christine M Tr to Rockwood Susan; $225,000

3645 Amberson Ave: Griesser Melanie K to Jones Franklin E & Loris S Jones; $460,000

Indian Hill

5380 Miami Rd: Lu Hui to Leibold John Nicholas; $728,000

8575 Kugler Mill Rd: Daley Design + Build LLC to Newton Heath Holdings LLC; $1,275,000

9035 Whisperinghill Dr: Ginn Stephen Charles Tr to Imbus Sarah; $1,200,000

Kennedy Heights

3655 Woodford Rd: Housetrader Properties LLC to Manning Amy & William Kendrick; $259,000

6029 Robison Rd: Singleton David A & Verna L Williams to Fabe Linda; $385,000

6193 Coleridge Ave: Greene Billie J @6 to Gwire LLC @ 6; $200

6195 Coleridge Ave: Greene Billie J @6 to Gwire LLC @ 6; $200

6197 Coleridge Ave: Greene Billie J @6 to Gwire LLC @ 6; $200

Lincoln Heights

1163 Steffen Ave: Clark Gregory to Crawford Orlando; $20,000


106 Wyoming Ave: Rovekamp Carol to Upscale Investments LLC; $15,000

106 Wyoming Ave: Upscale Investments LLC to Seafan Reef Products Ltd LLC; $20,000


313 Albright Dr: Highland Mark A to Grippa Thomas J & Katherine S; $226,250

737 Mohican Dr: Smith Samantha R & Rebecca L Taylor to Odgers Alexander G; $220,000


6037 Johnson St: Gunning Family Properties LLC to Rousseau Liane H & Scott Feltrup; $988,575

6845 Esther Ln: Bascom Brian to Dahlborg Allison & Thomas; $290,000

7230 Mar Del Dr: Aplin Norita D to Strete Lacey & Andrew; $525,000

7806 Locust Ln: Christiansen Carol Ann to Price Michael & Heather; $360,000

7832 Laurel Ave: Seabiscuit Tc LLC to Reinerstein LLC; $210,000


4330 Watterson St: Othersen Jenna Maria to Andrews Heather & Treg Waldron; $275,000

4414 Simpson Ave: Delange Matthew & Alyse to Kantor Reid & Emma; $340,000

4703 Ward St: Goodheart Eric T to Kozhukhar Alexander; $120,000

5540 Chandler St: Miller Tonia to 210 Properties LLC; $147,500


3871 Settle Rd: Gerson David to Fry Samantha Leigh; $440,000

Miami Township

3035 Shady Ln: Endurance Capital Management LLC to Roberts Ryan D; $185,000

7395 Southpointe Dr: Hagen Lawrence W Ii Tr & Jennifer L Tr to Hilsinger E Allan; $1,380,000


11229 Terwilligers Run Dr: Ventura Pete D Jr & Miranda D to Cahill Kammerer Kathleen & Jonathan; $830,000

7733 Hartfield Pl: Bayes LLC to Bollman Cassidy M @ 3; $372,000

7786 Cooper Rd: Clark Peter Vance Ii to Sproull Ruth S Tr; $350,000

8000 Remington Rd: Mccabe Mark D & Stacy M Fesko to Biggs Judith Ann & Glenn; $965,000

8939 Terwilligers Tl: Fenyo-lung Nicole S to Dusa Ian James; $570,000

9858 Zig Zag Rd: Dejonckheere Margery R Tr to Morris Wendell Tr; $635,000

9860 Delray Dr: Rlh Ventures 6 Inc to Boyd Heather; $650,000

9860 Tollgate Ln: Breen Joseph T & Michelle D to Franco Pablo Harker & Vera Winegrad Gomez; $920,000

Mount Airy

2214 Sweetbriar Ln: Thierry Augustin G Tr to Acheson Marsha J; $250,000

2310 Raeburn Te: Dorsel Richard T & Leslie J to Dunn Christopher & Jill Jackson; $379,900

2639 Mt Airy Ave: Jackson-isome Marcia C to Grimm Jeremiah C; $201,000

Mount Auburn

2259 Loth St: Blye Lester to Real Equity Oh LLC; $140,000

2259 Loth St: Real Equity Oh LLC to Turnkey Cashflow LLC; $154,000

2314 Highland Ave: Avital Tamir to Hamoon Properties LLC; $205,000

306 Mulberry St: White Patricia to Henderson Cortney E; $330,000

Mount Healthy

7516 Harrison Ave: Perkins Garry E to Downtown Maintenance Care Solutions LLC; $300,000

7521 Hamilton Ave: Perkins Garry E to Downtown Maintenance Care Solutions LLC; $300,000

7818 Lincoln Ave: Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb Tr to Towles Jason C; $111,000

Harrison Ave: Perkins Garry E to Downtown Maintenance Care Solutions LLC; $300,000

Mount Lookout

1125 Halpin Ave: Hudson Gregory A to Morris John G Jr & Molly E Smith; $345,000

3518 Kroger Ave: Manowar LLC to Pappano Joseph A & Bambi G; $946,125

Mount Washington

1263 Cristway Ct: Winston Management Group LLC to Dixon Zane; $282,000

1590 Clio Ave: Burton Kyle D to Root Parker M; $270,000

1937 Lehigh Ave: Meier Marsha A to Mays Theodore Jr; $160,000

2440 Coveyrun South: Mark Robert C Tr & John E Mark Tr to Schengber Ronda J; $359,000

6512 Rainbow Ln: Lawhorn J Mark to Masci Sarah J & Drew Goebel; $140,000

6515 Graf Dr: Greer Allison R to Old Squaw Holdings LLC; $102,021

North College Hill

6474 Simpson Ave: Merkle Gary to Reed Tracy Lynn; $140,000

6715 Betts Ave: Harris Hope Marie Garner to Phillips Lisa; $154,500

6776 Tarawa Dr: Fluellen William E to Olivia Lane Properties LLC; $47,100

North Fairmount

1650 Baltimore Ave: Cincy Property Care LLC to Urbanevision LLC; $201,000


4133 Dane Ave: Schneider Nichulas & Samuel to Meyer Spencer G; $266,500


2241-2243 Hannaford Ave: Al Hashem Investments LLC to Reedy Matthew S; $290,000

4211 Smith Rd: Real Equity Oh LLC to Niehaus Property Solutions LLC; $210,000

4812 Oak St: Brown Michael S to Sandberg Adriana L; $170,000

5317 Carthage Ave: Voges Gregory P to As Capital LLC; $90,000

5324 Rolston Ave: Herman David W & Colleen M Knox to Feliciano Luke Anthony @3; $220,000

5443 Rolston Ave: Roy Betty J to Twin Lions Properties LLC; $93,000

5608 Warren Ave: Kraus Stefan T to Mississippi Property LLC; $118,500

5617 Homer Ave: Breeden Louis Ii & Oden Sevilla to Burghardt Travis & Rebekah; $85,000

5617 Homer Ave: Leahy Karen to Breeden Louis II & Oden Sevilla; $20,000


2807 Inverness Pl: Yoder Joel to Wolke Mary Jo & William L; $425,000

3766 Drakewood Dr: Bpl Holdings LLC to Radley James & Emily; $1,345,000

3846 Drake Ave: Fip Master Funding Viii LLC to Fip Master Funding I LLC; $2,611,031


133 West Elder St: Page 124 LLC to Henderson Cortney E; $352,000

133 West Elder St: Page 124 LLC to Thomas William Charles Ii; $205,000

56 Mcmicken Ave: Northcrown 56 Mcmicken LLC to 8k Development Company LLC; $390,000


1062 Fuhrman Rd: Simpson Bradley to Bardes Andrew; $272,000

206 Clark Rd: Cincy Property Care LLC to Sternzis Sarai; $250,000

21 Illinois Ave: Lre 1 LLC to Kodiak Investor Group LLC; $320,000


1414 Kenova Ave: Lauch Joyce C Tr to Escobar Jorge; $90,000

7956 Stillwell Rd: Rba Property Holdings LLC to Ferrell Tanya; $189,900

Sayler Park

164 Mackenzie Ave: Sfr2-aic LLC to Higgins Roderick Jr; $175,000

Daniels Walk: Ritter Farm Development Co to Spark Investment LLC; $126,000

Trison Dr: Ritter Farm Development Co to Spark Investment LLC; $126,000


548 Davenport Ave: Kim Injoo to Kunkel Robert L Jr & Barbara S; $350,000


11440 Chester Rd: Chester Sharonville Hospitality LLC to Rss Wfcm 2015 C27 Oh Csh LLC; $5,000,000

12085 Crown Ct: Tempfli James A & Katie J to Iffin Maxwell & Allison Lloyd; $392,000

5038 Lord Alfred Ct: Furtwengler Donna Marie to Asta Olivia M; $263,000

Chester Rd: Chester Sharonville Hospitality LLC to Rss Wfcm 2015 C27 Oh Csh LLC; $5,000,000


4116 South Ave: Hess Frederick Scott to Disney Lilith Skye; $199,000

6249 Stewart Rd: Stewart Road Partners LLC to Starry Group LLC; $450,000

South Fairmount

1970 Queen City Ave: Schaffer Timothy Tr to Vina Onanuga LLC; $80,000

2004 Harrison Ave: Cornerstone Transitional Living LLC to Schaefer Katherine; $500

2037 Ley Ave: Legacy 516 LLC to Benrishi Enterprises LLC; $68,000

Spring Grove Village

759 Epworth Ave: Owens Kimber to Robinson Jenna; $63,000


12107 Sheraton Ln: Glassmann Steven A to Misty Shore Holdings LLC; $146,000

629 Cloverdale Ave: Land Richard O & Connie K to Brown Aaron; $222,000

877 Tivoli Ln: Farmer Jerry @3 to Maloney Megan E & Bailey M Walker; $220,000

Springfield Township

12191 Regency Run Ct: Ghent Kaela to Torrech Carmen Ramos; $170,000

1579 Meredith Dr: J A R Holdings And Investments LLC to Yisrael Amber; $55,000

1774 Grayrick Dr: Rebick Katelyn to Ralston Jesse B; $190,000

2047 Bluehill Dr: Jones Howard Tr & Barbara Jewell Lawson Jones Tr to Weins Veronica; $170,000

2257 Miles Rd: Eversole Nikolas Allan & Melody to Monday Stephanie A; $195,000

275 Forestwood Dr: Snipedoodle Properties LLCc to Spivey James & Patricia Lynn; $83,600

707 Doepke Ln: Cauffield Charles to Stark Roger Anthony & Julia Irene; $8,800

7809 View Place Dr: Flip For Freedom LLC to Yanosik Stephanie A & Braydon Alec Shepherd; $389,900

7948 Burgundy Ln: Hammond Courtney to Lairson Jacob A & Chelsey Kaufman; $205,000

8319 Marley St: Muniak Ryan to Vpm Homes LLC; $90,000

8543 Cottonwood Dr: Foertsch Richard J Tr & Rose A Tr to 8543 Cottonwood Dr LLC; $325,000

8634 Cottonwood Dr: Hinkle Joann to Merrill Roanne A; $200,000

8647 Neptune Dr: Kizer Divine to Ganoe Matthew & Angela; $150,000

8663 Elmtree Ave: Grant Cleadis D & Louis G to Mcguffey Emilia Alison; $163,500

9071 MiLLCliff Dr: Sapkota Radha K & Savitra to Johnson Kevin & Ernestine; $266,900

954 Vacationland Dr: Kurtzman Lawrence Craig to Payton Jillian & Blaine; $245,000

960 Misty Stream Dr: Hagood Justin L to Boone Denise A; $222,000

St. Bernard

100 Baker Ave: Sfr3-020 LLC to Worku Latros; $75,000

155 Church St: Roll Douglas M & Diane E to Blackfoot Properties LLC; $162,000

90 Angels Wy: Farrell Peter R & Leslie M to Neichter Curtis R & Rebecca; $401,001

Sycamore Township

12109 Fourth Ave: Hoalst & Willison Real Estate LLC to Huang Markus Jay & Kacie Lynn Muncey; $192,000

5931 Vyvette Pl: Henry Bradford & Sherri to Antoun Noah & Holly Dargenio; $390,000

7752 Montgomery Rd: Ewing Martha R to Kimbrough Cassi Erica; $98,860

8378 Frane Ln: Volk Bobby J to Q6 Ventures LLC; $265,000

8590 Concord Hills Cr: Jones Richard E Jr to Reed Allison & Tyler; $1,799,000

9012 Eldora Dr: Adams Margaret Ann to Hunt & Whitaker LLC; $162,000

Symmes Township

10433 Shadyside Ln: Hopkins Arthur R to Ellison Andrew G & Gulnura T; $431,777

9899 Mistymorn Ln: Magenheim Amy D to Karacula Engin & Asli; $925,000

Walnut Hills

2606 Melrose Ave: Tekelemaimanot Saba to Cuellar Veronica; $290,000

West Price Hill

1100 Maureen Ln: Yankey Aaron Michael & Christy Reagan Hill to Schroer Ralph J & Joanna S; $225,000

1120 Winfield Ave: Shields Patricia A to Cattani Properties LLC; $136,000

1674 Iliff Ave: Trisons Lp to Ralston Jeffrey; $195,000

2644 Cyclorama Dr: Wilkinson Michael to Kroeger Kevin Michael & Chloe Ann; $259,000

4756 Rapid Run Rd: Mitchell Tyler to C2l Investments LLC; $125,000

4954 Cleves Warsaw Pk: Ocean Innovation LLC to Lehbib Mohamed Mahmoud; $215,000

908 Sunset Ave: Ridgeview Ave LLC to Rife Mathew A; $279,000

938 Sunset Ave: Jang Varpu S to Chatterley Arica & Nancy Alice Yerian; $190,000


2122 St Leo Pl: Paz Vasquez Noe Hubencio to Sebastian Maria & Enrique; $135,000

2356 Harrison Ave: Adams Douglas & Kimberly to Ohio Valley Home Buyers LLC; $42,000

2358 Harrison Ave: Adams Douglas & Kimberly to Ohio Valley Home Buyers LLC; $42,000

2435 Mustang Dr: Kfj Realty Group LLC to Jones & Tuggle Rental Properties LLC; $45,000

2556 Hollenshade Ave: Mogus Emanu to Torbeck Taylor Ann; $124,000

2919 Grasselli Ave: Hall Paul W & Pamela J to Black Markaisa; $165,000

2933 Feltz Ave: Swegheimer Krista M to Custenborder Julie; $124,000

3065 Wardall Ave: Menninger Steven to Orourke Jessica R; $219,000

3139 Ramona Ave: Felton Timothy to Klare Roberta; $210,000

3269 Brater Ave: Sermersheim Jason to Fields Ronald; $139,000

3317 Brodbeck Pl: Daniels Cornelia to Duncan Durreall & Deaonne; $270,000

3405 Gerold Dr: Hapaz Shirit & Iris Stein to Lainez Bermer Carmelino Ambrocio &; $135,000

3459 Craig Ave: Wronkiewicz Christina C to Phillips Tabetha Ann & Adam Benhaim; $305,000

3724 Boudinot Ave: Mahoney Jason D & Leeanne M to Comello Nicholas Joseph; $156,900


201 Brookhaven Ave: Mkg Investments LLC to Mcclure Aeja & Aaron; $250,000


12 Sylvan Ln: Brookbank Alexander B & Christine M to Brock Jason & Amber; $630,000

208 Grove Ave: Remington Meghan E Tr to Adams William Aaron &; $411,555

302 Whitthorne Dr: Lane Lisa L to Hautman Mathew Scott & Shannon; $402,000

346 Whitthorne Dr: Baker Linda R to Zix Kevin Joseph & Katherine Terrell; $460,000

540 Laramie Tl: David Rodney A Jr & Kelley R to Viox Josh; $495,000

902 Oregon Tl: Harris Michael to Mcminn III Wade Lance & Katherine; $338,500


Information provided by Christine Charlson.


490 Gilbert Ridge Road: Lynnda and Richard Volmer to Rebecca and Dustin Wagner and Denise and David Wagner; $80,000

5 Bryan Lane: Joyce Stewart to Cheryl and George Torline; $215,000

781 Maddox Road: Vicky Berry to Samantha and Cameron Hamilton; $315,000

941 Hillview Road: Samantha and Cameron Hamilton to Robert Twehues; $231,000


236 Retreat St.: US Bank Trust National Association to Nasser Kassem; $112,000

274 Ward Ave.: Lisa Craig to Laurie and Douglas Woodhouse; $323,500

339 Van Voast Ave.: Michael Marler to Pink House Properties, LLC; $45,000


2823 Coachlight Lane: Mariah and Anthony Jordan to Bethany Waleri and Jeremy Ison; $350,000

3703 Idlewild Road: Betty Duncan to Moving Home, LLC; $150,000

5805 Stillwater Lane: The Drees Company to Marla Telfair; $484,000


129 W. 33rd St.: Elizabeth Long to Ashaduzzaman and Mahmuda Kamal; $180,000

13 E. 24th St.: Morgan Wooton to Stallion Investments, LLC; $160,000

210 Harold Mason Lane: OR Real Estate Investments, LLC to Elizabeth Hayden; $117,500

230 E. 2nd St.: Dawn Rhodes to Donna and Joseph Hoffman; $745,000

409 Hawthorne St.: VanDunsen Plumbing, LLC to Madalyn Stull and Mitchell Fuchs; $170,000

4333 McKee St.: Cynthia and Zane Morhmeyer and Derek Mohrmeyer to Kimberly and Lawrence Beckerich; $125,000

44 W. 31st St.: Sarina Ball to Magdeleno Marin and Rodolfo Broca; $90,000

504 Ash Road: Ellen Williamson to Brandon Fightmaster; $250,000

611 Edgecliff St.: SFR3-030, LLC to Dark Horse Holdings, LLC; $52,000

612 E. 20th St.: Sukkah, LLC to Clayton Tully; $220,000

621 Thomas St.: Tammy and Lloyd Gosney to Marcus Evans; $188,000

820 Crescent Ave.: Integrity Investments Cincy, LLC to Rebecca Miller; $262,000

Crescent Springs

2415 Sierra Drive: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Clancy Burke and Zachary Rogal; $614,000

2528 Crosshill Drive, unit 5-301: Fischer Attached Homes III, LLC to Branden Middendorf; $296,000


314 Main St.: Lori and Dallas Houston to Stacy Ramirez and Carlos Mandujano; $172,000

410 8th Ave.: Positive Outlooks, LLC to Hannah Tucker; $155,000


3015 Winding Trails Drive: Michele and Jim Steggeman to Ashley Rouster and Casey Kohake; $300,000

3069 Treetop Lane: Lydia and Joseph Toca to Carly and Logan Hickey; $325,000


802 Lytle Ave.: Shelba Wells to Megan Hill; $170,000


3480 Piedmont Circle: Donna and Charles King to TME, LLC; $275,000

4220 Nolin Court, unit 12: Michelle Davidson to Keighly Halpin; $140,000

454 Graves Ave.: Barry Burgan to Jared Franzen; $228,000

546 Perimeter Drive: Sarah Wiley and Matthew Allen to Kimberly Simpson and Brent Konkright; $220,000

913 Summitridge Lane, unit 118B: Sydney Lamping to Victoria Sabo; $210,000


10087 Squire Drive: Becky and James Mirick to David McCray; $242,500

10236 Crossbow Court, unit 12: Holly Offill to Brittany Langinan and Ethan Toedter; $100,000

1272 Cayton Road: Sharon Tanner to Haley and Andrew Chaffin; $335,000

1293 Retriever Way, unit 3-D: The Drees Company to Kimtuyen Thi Tran; $248,500

1602 Greens Edge Drive: Joseph Jameson to Elizabeth Bose and Joseph Dolgas; $236,000

1608 Ashley Court, unit 25-304: Mary Lang to Teresa Burton; $185,000

1802 Ashley Court, unit 29-303: Cassandra and Logan Dodd to Abigail Jones; $190,000

2274 Jackson Court, unit 47-203: Amanda and James Beegle to Jackie McLean; $184,000

29 Rio Grande Circle, unit 6: Melanie and Calvin Roberts to Saint George Properties, LLC; $145,000

4 Fescue Court: Beverly Smith to Pamela and Donald Ruschman; $290,000

7165 Cascade Drive: Erika and Michael Webster to Rachael Lemker; $195,000

8328 Taramack Drive: Ronnie Kelly to Angea Vickers; $189,000

9 Girard St.: Carrie Kirby to Adam Greisinger; $117,000

9155 Brookfield Court: Donald Maddox to Mikkelsen Leasing, LLC; $87,000

Fort Mitchell

2485 Rolling Hills Drive, unit 6-304: Anita and Randy Phillips to Carrie ad Robert Moon; $244,000

Fort Thomas

68 Crowell Ave.: Theresa and Edward Bolton to Triston Wallace; $170,000

9 Woodland Place: Laura and Benjamin Reynolds to Amanda and Kenneth Taylor; $406,000

Fort Wright

312 Kyles Lane: Randy Warning to Payton and Matthew Courtney; $230,000

514 Knob Hill Court: Ryan Townsend to Sarah Folz; $385,000


2000 Westborough Drive: Rachel and Patrick Cuddlihee to Caitlyn and Joseph Schaffer; $317,000

2434 Wernz Drive: Arlinghaus Builders, LLC to Matthew Bennett; $416,500

Highland Heights

43 Elblaine Drive: Peggy and Jerry Leiss to Christina Harp and Larry Schultz; $260,000


10643 Sinclair Drive: Claire and Rodney Fussinger to Christy and Thomas Gilman; $315,000

11062 Briarview Court: The Drees Company to Tanja Kleflin; $425,000

1304 Meadowcrest Circle: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Robin and Brian Schnieders; $343,000

1308 Meadowcrest Circle: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Joy Fox; $462,000

1319 Meadowcrest Circle: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Silvia O'Connor and Daniel Gebhard; $315,500

1369 Shenandoah Court: Meghan and Michael McDonald to Alicia and Derrick Vaughn; $305,000

1431 Thornberry Court: The Drees Company to Janet Bliz; $425,000

1778 Autumn Maple Drive: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Bharat Veginati and Vijayadurga Kolli; $322,000

4268 Catalpa Drive: Andrea Leugers and Joseph Moffett to Mason Glass; $260,000

9952 Meadow Glen Drive: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Abdoulaye Diop; $558,000

Lakeside Park

230 Farmington Drive: Pamela and Charles Smallwood to Kaitlyn and Christopher Miller; $376,000


456 Elm St.: Buy the Best Franchise, Inc. to Alexandra and Frank Marx IV; $325,000


1030 Ann St.: Susana Facio and Darwin Sanchez to Jessica Sharp and Michael Byrd; $148,500

123 15th St.: Joseph Violand to Emily Mendell and Ian Healy; $375,000

237 E. 5th St.: Paige Groen to Brian Crow; $521,000

429 W. 11th St.: Christopher Webb to Jessica Artmeier; $110,000

Park Hills

509 S. Arlington Road: Ethan Thomas to Libby and Jonathan Wessels; $379,000


2425 Alexandria Pike: M&T Bank to Stak Properties, LLC; $106,500

387 Linden Ave.: Donna Gilchrist to Nicholas Seibert; $270,000


10268 Cedarwood Drive: Edith Ashworth to Thomas Gripshover; $274,500

10745 Station Lane: Ashley and Joseph McClure to Andrea and Tony Taylor; $363,000

10817 Seabiscuit Court: Jill and Raymond Williams to Blair VanVelse; $495,000

1528 Brumfield Court: The Drees Company to Karen and Gary Johnson; $520,000

2035 Chris Court: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Jeneva Hanser; $351,000

5112 Limerick Court: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Little Sycamore Holdings, LLC; $298,500

6500 Saint Ibar Court: Kaitlyn Carroll and Dillon Staples to Samantha Vanderyt; $315,000

733 Gallant Fox Lane: Michael Thornberry to Leslie and Adam Roach; $625,000

Villa Hills

2829 Shellbark Circle: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Lauren and Sean Gruber; $787,500

699 Sunglow St.: Kelly and Brent Degenhardt to Christine and Andrew Wilson; $606,000

864 Willowdale Drive: Carolyn Hibbard to Angela Krausen; $616,000


82 Bedinger Ave.: Peggy and Charles Butler to Molly and Chris Pitter; $330,000

This article originally appeared on Cincinnati Enquirer: $1.2 million Anderson Township home sale among the week's top property transfers