'Breaking Dawn's' Mackenzie Foy turns up the fear factor in 'R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour' [Exclusive video]

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The final "Twilight" movie might be in theaters already, marking the end of the emotional and glittery saga, but Twi-hards need not fear. Bella and Edward's legacy will sort of continue in a new and more frightful way Saturday on The Hub.

The lovely Mackenzie Foy -- you'll recognize her as Renesmee Cullen, daughter to Edward and Bella in the "Breaking Dawn" films -- will guest-star in an all-new episode of "R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series." And this time, we'll get to hear her talk a lot more!

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Those familiar with R.L. Stine (known as the Stephen King of children's literature) and his creep-tacular books know that they are not for the faint of heart. So get your night-lights ready, Twi-hards; this installment of "The Haunting Hour" is going to get really spooky.

In this exclusive clip, we see Mackenzie's character taping together a picture of a man with a handwritten note scrawled on the back. As she whispers to herself, "That's impossible," a creepy dark shadow of an alien-esque hand comes toward her -- think giant, scary E.T. In true tween fashion, she takes her curiosity to the Web and begins researching.

The words "infiltrate dreams," "inhabits small objects," "dirty trickster of the spirit world," and "attacks females during the night time" come across the screen. (Wait, is this show for kids? Yikes!)

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She heads downstairs and finds that the postman has dropped a suspicious-looking letter through the mail slot. Upon opening it, a dark fog creeps into the house. Inside the letter is the same picture she'd taped back together. Well, almost. This one is not ripped up, and the man in the picture has a sidekick in the form of a freaky shadow demon creature. The note on the back has words blacked out; the words that remain reveal the message, "You shouldn't have ripped up my picture."

Mackenzie might be only 12, but she's clearly on her way up. Next stop, "American Horror Story"! Well, we can wish, can't we?

Find out what happens with the picture, the dark shadow, and Mackenzie's character on Saturday at 6 PM on The Hub.