Enhance Your Memory by 75% with This Easy Herbal DIY

Have you ever noticed how scent and memory are connected? How the smell of a particular perfume can bring back memories from childhood, or how walking into a home that was cleaned with a certain cleaning product will trigger thoughts of grandma’s house? Scientists have long been researching the connection between scent and memory, and have found it to be quite strong. 

One scent in particular seems to boost memory significantly, namely rosemary. Studies have shown that rosemary can actually improve memory by 75%. Now that’s a big improvement!

That got us thinking! If this is true, which it seems be, then wouldn’t the smell of rosemary be pretty great to have on hand when studying or working? All those facts and figures can be pretty hard to hold on to, when you’re up at all hours trying to cram for a big test or presentation. 

Rosemary - the ultimate herbal study aid! 


Here’s a great way to keep it handy, when you need a sniff or two after countless pages of research. Bye-bye 4 o’clock blues!


  • Fresh rosemary

  • Tulle or netting

  • Notecards

  • Glass jar

  • Washi tape


  • Scissors

  • Stapler

  • Utility knife


1. Cut notecards to fit your glass jar/container.


2. Cut a few notecards into two pieces at the crease so that they cover one side of the cards that are still hinged.

3. Wrap a few twigs of rosemary in the tulle and staple them to the inside of the card on the right.


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4. Take half a piece of card, slice  8-10 parallel cuts in the center, finish with one slice perpendicular across these cuts to break them open - it should look like fringe.


5. Place fringed half card over the hinged card on the side with rosemary, and framing with Washi tape, tape the two pieces of card together. 


6. Place in an air tight glass jar for aromatic freshness.


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