‘No Cyrus’ Chrome plug-in will censor your web browsing to block all things Miley Cyrus

If you're at all plugged-in to “what’s happening,” you are likely aware of the cultural tidal wave that is Miley Cyrus. And for those of us that are tired of riding that wave, there’s now an app for that.

A new extension for Google’s Chrome browser called No Cyrus will  block any mention of “Miley Cyrus, twerking and her other ridiculous words,” the developer claims. The plug-in (which can be downloaded here) scans any pages loaded in your browser and censors out the targeted keywords by replacing them with a series of number signs (or hashtags, for the Twitter set).

So, despite Miley’s threats of “can’t stop” and “won’t stop,” users can now  browse the Internet, never having to be any the wiser of who or what she’s ######## on...or around...or whatever.

It should be noted that this trick has been done before. One Chrome extension, Chris Brownout, even goes as far as to block the infamous pop star’s name and pictures from your web pages.

No word yet on whether the developers of No Cyrus will eventually add in picture censoring. Regardless, for those tired of Cyrus's pervasive media presence, this Chrome extension seems like a legitimate reason for a party in the USA.