Zara Larsson Weighs In on Donald Trump's Win: 'It's Not the America I Want to See'


Zara Larsson may not be American, but she's still feeling the effects of the election results.

"I don't really know what's going on in the world right now," she told Billboard in an exclusive video interview, "but I just feel like it's a bad wave."

The 18-year-old Sweden native -- who has had three Billboard Hot 100 hits since her U.S. breakout earlier this year -- offered that Donald Trump winning the election over HIllary Clinton was even worse than Brexit, despite her European background. And while most of the grieving, Clinton-supporting celebrities have expressed words of hope and unity amid the fear of a Trump-led America, Larsson took more of a realist route in her analysis.

"I would like to say that we can come together and hope and all that, but I also think that it's OK to be really sad and angry about this," she says. "I think it's f---ing shitty as hell. I just...I didn't expect this. It was supposed to be a joke, it was not supposed to actually happen. And I am really upset about this because it's not the America I want to see. I don't even come from here, but I love America, I really do."

Larsson does have a little bit of faith in the country, though, suggesting that Trump supporters voted for the president-elect in hopes of building a better life rather than supporting the hateful things he's said.

Hear what else Larsson had to say about the election in Billboard's exclusive video below.