Watch Justin Timberlake and Steve Carell's Mannequin Skit on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' [Video]

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It was a call to arms -- fake arms! When Steve Carell dropped by Wednesday night's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," the host showed a "clip" of an old Canadian soap opera they'd acted in together.

The skit also featured Justin Timberlake, who's doing a week-long residency on "Late Night."

On the fake soap, Carell played a men's clothing store owner, while Fallon was a customer. Both used mannequin arms instead of their real ones.

"You need a suit and tie. My partner is a suit-and-tie expert," Carell said, as Timberlake came out to big applause.

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Then the skit started lobbing jokes about Timberlake's 'NSYNC days. Carell showed off suits called the "Joseph Fat-on-es."

"And over here is a Lance Bass," he said, as Timberlake started to crack up. "It's been in the closet for years, but we finally decided to take it out."

At this, the audience roared and Timberlake shook his head at the camera.

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Later, Timberlake and Carrell used fake arms to shove fabric into Fallon's mouth, then measure the host's inseam.

"Wow, customer 12's really bringing sexy back," Timberlake drawled at one point.