Walk Off the Earth Display Range on 'R.E.V.O.' – EP Premiere

Rolling Stone

Click to listen to Walk Off the Earth's 'R.E.V.O.'

After blowing up the Internet with their cover of Gotye and Kimbra's "Somebody That I Used to Know," Walk Off the Earth are ready to deliver their debut EP, R.E.V.O.. The band's original work mirrors their cleverly arranged covers: opener "Red Hands" explodes with xylophone, walls of drums and anthemic chants, while "Speeches" rambles and shakes with an aggressive acoustic guitar that leads a delicate horn section. Closer "Summer Vibe" changes pace, cruising with breezy, sandy melodies, harmonica licks, carefree lyrics and more spirited group chants. 

R.E.V.O. will be released October 30th.