Vicente Fernandez Endorses Hillary Clinton With Personal Corrido: Listen


In a very unique and musical style, Mexican ranchera icon Vicente Fernández endorsed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with a personal corrido. 

Titled "El Corrido de Hillary Clinton," the famed singer starts out the video with a message to the Latino community: "Dear brothers, your voice is your vote. Together, we can."

While he explains why it's important that Latinos vote for the Democratic nominee in the upcoming November elections, Don Chente also takes a few swings at Donald Trump, singing, "It hurt my pueblo that someone offended us... With Hillary there is respect, and with her as president, we'll always have a bridge." 

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He adds: "Mrs. Clinton, I am here to ask you that when you become president, don't forget about all my Mexican brothers and Latinos."

The "El Rey" singer partnered up with the Latino Victory Project organization to make the video and song. Listen to the corrido below: