U-God Sues Wu-Tang Clan for Millions

U-God Sues Wu-Tang Clan for Millions
He alleges that he has not been paid royalties for the last six years, and didn’t get his cut of the Martin Shkreli sale.

By Matthew Strauss.

Original Wu-Tang Clan member U-God has sued the group for $2.5 million, TMZ reports. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, U-God alleges that he has not seen royalties from Wu-Tang’s music for the past six years. In addition, he claims he has not received his biannual payments for his share of Wu-Tang merchandising profits, nor as he gotten any money from Martin Shkreli’s infamous $2 million purchase of the one-of-a-kind Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.

Along with “at least” $2.5 million for “numerous breaches of contract,” U-God is requesting “a complete accounting of Wu-Tang’s various revenue streams,” according to TMZ.

U-God has appeared on all of Wu-Tang’s studio albums. Most recently, he is credited as a writer on five songs from 2014’s A Better Tomorrow. His latest solo album, The Keynote Speaker, came out in 2013.

This story originally appeared on Pitchfork.

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