Twinkl is the tech-enabled friendship bracelet for the modern teen

Christian de Looper
Digital Trends
Twinkl is the tech-enabled friendship bracelet for the modern teen
Friendship bracelets are great, but they're a little outdated. Twinkl hopes to change this with a new wearable for the modern teenager. The device will be launched this week, and costs $60 plus the price of related charms.

Friendship bracelets are a little old-fashioned. After all, the generally don’t even have a screen. Twinkl is here to change that, however — the company has released a new smart friendship bracelet that lets you tell your friend that you’re thinking about them with the simple push of a button, according to a report from Engadget.

That makes telling someone you’re thinking of them a lot easier than what other devices require. Each bracelet has enough slots for five charms that can be bought separately, each of which can be used for a different family member or friend. When you want them to know that they’re on your mind, simply push on their corresponding charm, and the friend’s wrist will buzz.

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The device is being released in Denmark this week, and as you might expect its target market is between the ages of 13 and 16. It connects to the user’s smartphone, and can last for up to a day and a half of so-called “normal use,” although that will depend on how many friends you have. Once users buy the bracelet, they’ll be encouraged to buy extra charms that can represent the people in their social circle.

So how much will tweens and teens have to shell out for the bracelet? The band costs $60, however the individual charms will retail for a few extra dollars each.

Twinkl isn’t stopping at these hardware bracelets, however. The company has also teamed up with some successful Danish YouTubers, and will let you buy charms related to those YouTubers, too. On top of that, the YouTubers will in turn make original content for the Twinkl app. If you buy one of the YouTubers’ charms, a buzz on your wrist will let you know that there’s more content for you to enjoy on the app.