Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Rips Into President-Elect Donald Trump

Superfan TV

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to share his feelings about the election and President-elect Donald Trump. Triumph started by saying, “Folks, it turns out Donald Trump, only Donald Trump, was in touch with the American people … though most of them against their will.”

The canine comic didn’t want to be a doggie downer, so he tried to look at things with a bowl-half-full attitude. Triumph said: “I want to be optimistic, Stephen — don’t you think he can do what he promised and return us to a better time … like yesterday afternoon?” There were even some aspects of a Trump presidency that had Triumph wagging his tail, like when he said, “We’ll finally get to see Donald’s plan to destroy Isis, which I assume is to buy it and run it like one of his casinos.”

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