5 Kristen Wiig Characters We Hope She Brings Back to ‘SNL’

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Kristen Wiig is back on SNL, but it’s for one night only. The hilarious comedian will host November 19’s episode with musical guest The xx. Wiig joined Saturday Night Live in 2005 during the 31st season and was a fan-favorite cast member until her jubilant 2012 send-off.

Now she’s hosting again, and we hope she’ll bring back a few of her most beloved characters. Here are SuperFan TV’s Top 5 Kristen Wiig Characters on SNL…

5) Penelope
The Queen of One-Upmanship. If you’re eating a salad, Penelope ate ten salads today and her car has a salad bar built into it. And don’t invite her to any group therapy meetings.

4) Target Lady
Another Kristen classic. We’ve all been in a long line at the checkout to find that the person behind the cash register may not have all of her marbles. But you can’t match her enthusiasm for the simple joys in life, like sitting at round tables and listening to Beyoncé.

3) Garth & Kat
Fred Armisen will have to drop in for this one to regale us with some early holiday cheer that was totally rehearsed and definitely not hastily made up on the spot.

2) Gilly
The rubber-limbed stinker with her own theme song, Gilly made such an impression that she got her own Christmas special.

1) Dooneese
Another that might require an assist from Armisen, but we’d love to see Dooneese branch out past the Lawrence Welk stage. Her hands may be tiny, but what she does with them have never failed to make us cackle with delight.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:35 p.m. on NBC. Watch clips and full episodes of SNL on Yahoo View. 

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