'The Walking Dead' Recap: Season 6 Character Washes Up

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Warning: This recap for the “Swear” episode of The Walking Dead contains spoilers.

On The Walking Dead, Rachel and Cyndie, from the nearby Oceanside community, find a washed-up character from Season 6. And, spoiler alert: That character is Tara Chambler. After pretending to be unconscious, Tara follows Cyndie back to her village. Along the way, Tara is nearly killed by Oceanside citizens, but Cyndie steps in to save her.

Having barely escaped with her life yet again, Tara tries to explain to Oceanside’s elders how she found them. She tells them about what happened to her on that bridge with Heath, and, in a flashback, we see that the only thing more annoying than sand in your boots is walkers in the sand. Tara escaped those walkers when she fell off the bridge, which brings us back to the present when she washed up on shore and was discovered by Rachel and Cyndie.

Before Tara could escape the Oceanside community to get back to Alexandria, she also had to convince them she wasn’t a threat.

“I come from a community. And that’s really what it is. We live with each other. We help each other. We have walls, houses,” Tara says. “I have a girlfriend I want to get back to. And we’ve done things … Just like you.”

Eventually, it is decided that two members of Oceanside will go with her back to Alexandria, but, somewhere along the way, Tara decides to make a run for it. She’s nearly shot again, but, for a third time, Cyndie shows up to save her. She also helps her get across that pesky bridge covered in walkers.

But, unfortunately, when Tara gets back to Alexandria, Eugene was there with the sad news that her girlfriend had been killed.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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