'The Voice,' The Day After: Dishing About the Top 11

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The Voice Season 11’s top 11 Live Playoffs aired this week, and here joining me to discuss everything that went down — via Skype, from his childhood Illinois home, this Thanksgiving week — is my “The Day After” co-host, Season 9 finalist Jeffery Austin.

There was much to be thankful for on The Voice this week, as Sundance Head, Billy Gilman, Austin Allsup, Brendan Fletcher, and Wé McDonald all served up satisfying performances that had us craving second helpings. I’m also thankful that someone covered Toto; that the unnderrated Aaron Gibson narrowly escaped elimination for a second week in a row; and that Miley Cyrus gave an inspiring elimination night speech that was in the true spirit of giving.

It’s time to talk turkey. Let’s dish!

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