The ‘Bad Santa’ Movie Poster Was Censored and Billy Bob Thornton Is Still Mad About It

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Thirteen years after the release of the now cult classic Christmas movie Bad Santa, Billy Bob Thornton joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to promote the long awaited Bad Santa 2. While there, Thornton was able to get something off his chest that’s been bugging him since the first one came out. As it turns out, the movie poster for Bad Santa we saw here in the US is not the same as in much of the world. Thornton put it best himself.

“I had the Christmas sack over my shoulder and I had a cigarette dangling out of my mouth because that’s what the guy does. He drinks and smokes and other stuff,” said Thornton.

The international posters had Thornton with the aforementioned cigarette in his mouth, while in the posters distributed in the US, the cigarette was replaced with a toothpick. This just didn’t make sense to Thornton, whose character in the film, Willie, is anything but clean.

“I mean, here’s a guy who lays in a gutter drunk half the time and yet he has really good hygiene,” Thornton joked.

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