Teen Choice Awards: Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Newly Shaved Head


It&rsquos Kylie Jenner&rsquos 17th birthday Sunday, and the star is celebrating at the Teen Choice Awards with a new &lsquodo.

&ldquoI shaved the back of my head for my birthday,&rdquo announced Jenner in a pre-award show red-carpet interview (she arrived with sister Kim Kardashian). Along with their family, the sisters won the Choice TV Reality Show award for Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

&ldquoI was just doing my hair today and I was like, should I trim it a little?&rdquo said Jenner, who then decided, &ldquoWhy not shave the back of my head? So I did.&rdquo

The haircut already has the seal of approval from big sis Kardashian, who recalled having the same haircut when she was 12 years old. &ldquoThe cool thing to do is shave the underneath instead of the side of your head, so you can see it when it&rsquos in a ponytail,&rdquo she explained. (Check out the night's other fashion statements here.)

It&rsquos not the first time Jenner has flaunted bold hair; the reality star has sported a number of rainbow-hued hair colors, thanks to Daniel Moon of Andy LeCompte salon. (We'll add a photo once one is available.)

Will undercuts be hair&rsquos hot new thing?