The Talk - Zoe Lister-Jones On Meeting Crush Rob Lowe, "The Happiest I've Ever Looked"

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Zoe Lister-Jones and Colin Hanks, from the CBS sitcom 'Life In Pieces,' visit THE TALK and share some surprise celebrity encounters. Zoe reveals, "We were shooting a scene in a gynecological office and Rob Lowe walked down the hallway and he made an appearance. Honestly, it's the happiest I've ever looked and I think it has something to do with the fact that Rob Lowe is between my legs." Colin Hanks recalls his own sighting, "I was on a golf cart, being driven some place with Dan Bakkedahl and we drove past Warren Beatty, and Dan instinctively just yelled out 'Hey Warren Beatty!' He turned, looked at us, clocked us for about three seconds, determined that he did not know us, and then just politely waved."