The Talk - Sharon: Son Jack Is 'An Amazing Father,' Sara : Linda Perry Is 'Tireless, Selfless'

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The hosts discuss gaining a new appreciation for someone in their lives. Sharon Osbourne shares, "My son is an amazing father. He just does everything he can with his children, as much as taking care of them as entertaining them... doing all the most amazing stuff, when people would want to take their time out for themselves, to have some adult time, he never does." Aisha Tyler opens up, saying, "When my mom's husband, my step-father, was diagnosed with cancer, I just remember my mom really transforming... she just was so devoted to him and she cared for him up until he died... I remember her saying when he passed away, you know, 'Someone might have seen it as a burden but it was an honor for me to care for this person that I love so much.'" Sara Gilbert adds about her wife Linda Perry and being a mom, "She's just tireless, selfless, cooks every meal for the baby... it's amazing when you see somebody put so much energy in and be so good at it and never think about themselves."