Take a Gravol before watching this insane Russian car ship video

Yahoo! Autos Canada

This is truly not a video for the faint of heart. Or Japanese used car lovers. Or those prone to seasickness (cough). What you see above is the cargo ship Astongate, in the famously fickle Sea of Japan, carrying a load of cars from Toyama to Vladivostock, on Russia's frigid east coast.

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That was the idea, anyway. In extremely heavy seas, 52 of the 64 cars went overboard, never to be seen again. Which isn't such a bad thing, after you see the beating they take on deck. What the smartphone video--taken by one of the Astongate's Russian crew--shows is a high seas smash-up derby of Biblical proportions.

First problem: the vehicles, many of which appear completely unsecured, may not even be in "park." As the ship pitches and rolls, steeply and sickeningly, they drift back and forth into each other on the icy top deck, snapping axles, smashing  windows, and caving in hoods.

Have a look. As Raphael Orlove at Jalopnik says, it'll make you think twice about ever shipping your car.

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