SXSW 2013: Gus + Scout's Simple Math

Eric Helton
Rolling Stone

From Rolling Stone's Rock Room at SXSW, Gus Wenner and Scout Willis of the New York-based duo Gus + Scout talked about the self-confidence that defines their music. "Sometimes I think, 'Gus + Scout, is that a weird band name?' But that's the basis of everything that we wanted to do, and want to do with this band, is to just be ourselves," said Wenner, who is the son of Rolling Stone editor and publisher, Jann Wenner. Added Willis, "Being authentic for us means not trying to be anyone else, and not have a song that sounds like a certain person or genre."

Interview by Eric Danton; text by Joe Pinsker


This article originally appeared on Rolling Stone: SXSW 2013: Gus + Scout's Simple Math