'Survivor' Contestant Goes Down in a Blaze of Glory

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On Wednesday's Survivor Taylor and Adam traded secrets as an ill-advised show of solidarity. Taylor had stolen food from camp and buried it in a jar in the sand. Adam confessed that he had received an advantage of being able to steal rewards.

Taylor found himself at the bottom of the tribe along with Jay. Hoping to turn the tide, Taylor planned to sink Adam.

At tribal council, Taylor declared to the group that hed had stolen food and that Adam was complicit. To top off the accusations, Taylor revealed Adam's secret advantage, saying, "So in other words, he can steal your loved one's visit. That means someone is going to get their loved one ripped from their hands even though you won." Adam defended himself, though the rest of the tribe was shocked at the accusations.

The plan to bring others down with him didn't work and Taylor was voted off.