Surprise Double Elimination on 'Project Runway'

Superfan TV

On Thursday's Project Runway, the designers were taken on a helicopter ride high above New York City to find inspiration for an editorial design. Two contestants high flying came crashing down.

Dexter designed a voyeuristic lace dress and jacket with cartoonish shoulders. He seemed confident in his design but Heidi Klum was not impressed. The clothing was see through and featured the models underwear. It seemed his undoing was when Heidi Klum found out that he did not design the underwear.

Nathalia spent much of her time freaking out about her design. She presented a superhero-inspired outfits. Heidi Klum said, "To me, it's more of a Power Ranger than a power woman. It has that quality of a kid's costume, and I have four kids so I've seen a lot of those costumes. She's just missing the helmet."

Both Nathalia and Dexter were sent home but likely not in a helicopter.