'Stranger Things' Star Defends Himself Against Fan Outrage Over Barb's Fate

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On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, David Harbour stopped in to talk about his role as Sheriff Hopper on the Netflix drama Stranger Things and brought up how Barb may be gone, but she’s not forgotten.

Barb was on the series for only a few episodes, as she was best friends with Nancy, but was taken by the mysterious monster to the Upside Down girl, and was seemingly overlooked by the sheriff, while he was pursuing the other lost boy, Will Byers.

“The character is in two episodes, barely,” said Harbour, “and the internet rage at Chief Hopper over not caring about Barb. I'm sorry,”

When Fallon asked about the possibility of the character returning to the show for next season, Harbour mentioned that there will be justice for Barb, but “if you think she’s coming back, she’s fully dead.”