Stephen Colbert Breaks Down Trump’s Possible Cabinet Members

Superfan TV

Now that President Elect Donald Trump has started the transition of power, people are speculating who his cabinet members will be. There are many names being tossed around for the different positions, and on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Stephen broke down many of the options.

Stephen informed everyone who the leading candidate for Secretary of State is by saying, “Trump is considering former Speaker of the House, and angry sack of ricotta cheese, Newt Gingrich.” Although, Stephen looked at the bright side of that choice, saying, “That's not bad. I could support sending Gingrich out of the country.”

After going through the many possible cabinet member options, Stephen wrapped up by saying, “Trump's plan to drain the swamp of corruption means bringing back Giuliani, Gingrich, Christie, and Palin. Makes sense, they're exactly what I'd expect to find at the bottom of a drained swamp.”